17 Oct 2010

The Killer Rojak .....

Geyland Rojak ... now named.....

Rojak & Mee Siam...

Die..Die..must try????

Yes..This Rojak stall took 2 lifes...
And afflicted about 154 people with food poisoning,48 people were hospitalised.

The owner of Geyland Rojak stall has been barred for life from setting up any food stall or to work in one.
But the loop hole his family members can still operate a food stall.(Their livelihood.)
Now  licensed in his wife's name and a change in name... "Rojak & Mee Siam."

They are back in Geylang Serai Food Centre.And surprising,from day one,unaffected by their black mark,they are doing a roaring business.
Yes,...surprising this stall still commands one of the long queues in the food centre.With so many people still wanting more.I just have to try again(last time I had was maybe some 5 years back) ....

I really can't recall how the taste was back then.So,I joined the queue.......

 Topped with ample amount of fresh veges of cucumbers,salad leafs,onions and green chillies.

All the the fried fitters were reasonable size, very fresh,nice and tasty.The the cured cuttlefish was very well done soft,very slight chewiness,very easy in mouth,was tasty by it self. Certainly one of the better cured cuttlefish I have had in an Indian Rojak.
The all important sweet potato sauce,was just superb.Slightly sweeter than I would like it to be(less sweet that's me). But the thick creamy sauce had a kind of texture with tiny bits of mashed,soft potatoes swimming everywhere in the sauce,just enchanting the taste by itself.Almost  as perfect as the sauce should be.

A dip of the fitters and the other stuffs in the sauce,and into the mouth.You can understand the reasons for the long queues at this stall.
Prices are quite reasonable with individual prices for the items.My plate was $6.50.

Rojak & Mee
Geylang Serai Food Centre


  1. Wow, I think that i extremely interesting! I wish i could try this cool dish. Also your description of the meal is so amazing I started to actually taste the food.

  2. Thank you Samk,Come over and have a try.