25 Oct 2010

Song Fat Bak Ku Teh

With over 30 years experience how can it go wrong......
Though I have had this Bak Kut Teh on quite a number of occasions it really did not occur to me how good this BKT is.

The soup is not the herbal type.It's is suppose to be the peppery type but here the pepper is very lightly used.But this works very well .Without the overpowering sting of pepper taste.We get  more natural fragrant,flavour,tastiness of the pork in the soup.
Mellowing light and easy,but very tasty.
The ribs were stewed just right,not overly cooked.Soft,tender,parts easily from the bone,yet had this slight firmness in it.Very tasty....Loved it.
Priced reasonably with a good amount of ribs.(I ordered the long ribs but still got the same ribs)
Prices from $5.00.

Braised pork leg(Ter Ka).It did not come with bone,which I prefer.Braised in a lightly flavoured sauce.It was very soft,tender,just slides through your mouth.Yet the skin still had the slight crunch,which I loved.Very nice...priced from $5.00

Braised Bean Curd Skin with Chicken Feet.Very lightly sauced,this are long uncut bean curd.The chicken was soft tender,easily parts from the bone.Light and nice..priced from $3.00
Braised Intestine.They were soft,slight sweetness and crunchy .priced $5.00
Braised Peanut...Lightly sauced,nicely flavoured,soft.tasty and nice.$1.00

Preserved Veges.Very nicely braised,not over powering.Priced from $1.00

You Char Kway...Soak in the soup and into your mouth this becomes a regular order. $1.00

Every dishes here are lightly sauced but it did not compromise on the flavour and taste.All the stuff were tasty and nice.Prices and servings were more than reasonable.
Worth a trip.Me more trips.....

Song Fat Bak Kut Teh
1 Rochor Centre
Kopitiam 01-506

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