7 Oct 2010

White Bee Hoon ...Toa Payoh...

 White Bee Hoon...part 2

This Bee Hoon was first suggested by buddy,who saw a show on television,some time ago.Located in Toa Payoh,nearer to Braddell  MRT.I have visited this place 3 times.
I am starting now with my first 2 visits..

 The Bee Hoon  was more to the dry type.But Bee Hoon was done as prefect as it could be.Mixed with pork,prawns,cuttlefish,eggs,kai lan,top with pork lard.The Bee Hoon was so moist,fluffy,wonderfully springy and bounchy.The stock was all so well,perfectly infused with Bee Hoon .

The way it was done, it looked more like the Bee Hoon was steamed with the stock(of course it's more likely to been stir fry).Lift it with the chopstick,one big lump of unbroken moist,fluffy,delicious Bee Hoon,having one long strand,and very single strand of the Bee Hoon was deliciously tasty.
 The unbelievable skill and timing of the cook,who did the Bee Hoon on this 2 occasions,was beyond comprehension .This was a real deal.Superbly delicious.Worth every cent of the trips..Prices from...$4.00

But all good things,does have it's day, my 3rd visit just last Thursday ....

The served Bee Hoon was shocker itself..Looked like a can't be bother type of cooking done or this cook does not know the timing or the style.One look,it looked like too stir fried.The Bee hoon was dry,not moist,not fluffy as it should be.But it still had the long strand of the Bee Hoon.It was still tasty,but just did not have,the oomph factor nor was it done skillfully as my previous 2 visits..

 When I am not quite happy with what I had,I need something else to pacify me,so I order the Pork  Prawn Roll.$6.00.

The rolls were quite big, filling was plump and thick.For the price ,it's was quite nice.

Hong Yun Seafood
Block 124 Toa Payoh #01-459
Lorong 1

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