22 Oct 2010

Xi Ji Chicken Rice.

I was planning to try out this place for over a year.Buddy had already try out this Chicken Rice.,but for some reason he did want to follow me on my visit.I have heard about this place from some foodies too.They are opened only in the evening,so just made my way to try this out.
I visited this place twice just to make sure......

First visit...Has I was walking towards the stall the fragrance of was the Chicken Rice was creeping  3 shops over the end.Hopes were very high...
I made my order,roasted chicken,no breast meat.Yeah! he did bring my plate of chicken rice,no breast meat ....

I  was served 2 chicken wings with rice for $4.00.
The roasted chicken,did not have any crispiness in the skin nor tasted  like roasted.But somehow tasted more like soy chicken.Was very oily and had a very strong taste of sesame oil.The chicken tasted quite okay though.
The rice was broken,slightly over cooked,the slight flavours were just not there.Maybe eating it the broken up rice just could not flavour in my mouth.

Second visit....
 I wanted to order steamed(boiled) white chicken and asked for the drumstick part.But he said..not so sure, whether he said I had to buy 4 packs or there were already 4 orders for the white chicken drumstick or the whole chicken.There was only 1 white chicken hanging at that moment.
Anyway I wanted a drumstick part and proceed with the soy (or is it roasted) .
This looked very nice and pleasing to the slight.Well if  I  am not mistaken,this surely tasted like soy chicken.Taste wise was as same as the wings,was okay.No, wow factor again.The drumstick portion was $4.50.

The rice was cooked well this time but the tasted  was same as before.

The soup was nothing,very faint.Chilly was okay slightly hot.

I have wanted to try this chicken rice for quite a long time now..Maybe my hopes were very high,I was expecting a wow factor with just a bite.It did not happen here on both occasion.Maybe it was not their day...
And it's a bit more pricey...

Xi Ji Chicken Rice
193 Syed Alwi Road

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