7 Nov 2010

Aromas Of India ...Buffet

It's Deepavali week.I would like post some Indian food for my next few postings.
Have noticed this place whenever,I went to this area to have chicken rice,just few doors away.So here we are now having the buffet.

Inside had a simple decor nothing fancy.
The buffet spread, looked very simple and little but for the price,quite reasonable.
 Raita ,Pickles,Salad and Mint Sauce.If you like it with the dishes.
 Naans were free flow, done freshly brought to the table.We had butter and plain naans.Was quite good have to eat before it cools down.

White Rice and Briyani Rice .Briyani rice had a nice aroma to it.
 Malai Murgh Tikka.I have only taken tandoori tikka most of the time,so this was a bit different,was quite nice.less spicier than the tandorri one.Not hard slightly moist and tender,infact I would have to say it was quite good.
 Keema MattarNicely minced mutton with peas,had beautiful aroma.Went very well the naans.

 Curry Chicken.The curry was mildly in spiced and nice.When very well with the white rice than the briyani rice.
Channa Paneer.The Channa and paneer was in creamy mild spiced sauce.Was nice

Bringal Potato Masala.Stir fried to dry.The taste was okay nothing bad.
 Dal Fry.That's what was written on the display card.Maybe because they fry roast the dal then add water and spices to cook.Was very tasty with the naan.

 Potato Bhaji.Potato deep fried in gram masala batter.Sight crunch and the softness of the potato was good.
 Pudding.That's what was.written.Strong taste of milk but overly sweet.

Service was okay.For the price of $9.90 net. This would be considered very good.

Aromas Of India
275 Thomson Road,
# 01 - 10 , Novena Ville


  1. hey look nice information if don mind shall we have the owners deatils, jus to giv a buzz for his venture

  2. Hi Anonymous.
    I am not sure what details you asking for.But hope their site would be helpful.


  3. Hi,
    Just to buzz the owner abot the food i need the information, its really good food and service, and the price is resanoable, do u have the details of them............

  4. Hi Anonymous,
    This is their wedsite and the details are here.