24 Nov 2010

Hong Kee Porridge ..Commonwealth

Sometimes we find a gem of a taste at the unexpected places.

First I went to this food centre to try a noodles,which did not meet my expectation,but discover a gem of a wanton noodles link at this food centre.Now I get to taste one hell of a tasting porridge.

 Looking so plain and watery,served with cut chillies.What was install was big surprise by itself.The pork porridge.

A simple stir unveiled the goldmine in it.With choke full of ingredients.
Big thick slices,no...cuts of pork.Fresh natural taste of pork,smooth,soft,tasty

Thick big minced pork balls,juicy,soft,very well marinated.
 Lots of thick pork liver slices.I usually prefer slightly over cooked.But this was superb,slightly bloody,stir with heat of the porridge,making the porridge more tastier.Super fresh,soft,perfectly blanched timing.I never knew livers could taste this good.Awesome.
The funny thing was this porridge was quite watery.I could not even take a snap of the flowing of the porridge from spoon to the bowl,it just went too fast to a take shot.I gave up after a few tries.It was not smooth but the grainy type.But the taste and texture...just did not make any sense for the watery consistence.
It was very flavoursome tasty,the texture though watery was a kind smooth,thick.It was so tasty I made 3 visits.
Second visit.Had the fish head porridge.This is one of their best hot sellers.And it get's sold out,very fast.
 The fish head was super fresh,big thick chucks of fish head parts.It was fresh water fish.Some might not like the taste of fresh water fish(like me) but buddy was munching and chew every bit of the fish.
Thanking me for not taking much of the portion.2 thumbs up from him.Simply awesome by buddy.

 Raw fish...Tried 1 or 2 sorry I am not into fresh water fish.Buddy cleaned of the plate in a jiff.And said "they should have more fresh water fish in every porridge.Yummy!"

3rd visit wanted try another type but just could not resists the pork porridge,and went for it.
Other porridge they have are fish,cuttle fish,century egg porridge.

Usually I don't quite go for the watery and grainy type.But this was just too good to be ignore. I still can't believe  I have made 3 visit in 2 weeks for this porridge.Serving and portions of the ingredients were more than reasonable.

Prices from $2.50.But if you like more bigger portion of ingredients like me, go for the $3.00 portion.More than worth the extra 0.50 cents. 

Hong Kee Porridge
Commonwealth Crescent Market & Food Centre
31 Commonwealth Crescent

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