13 Nov 2010

Jian Kang Noodles

This was accidental discovery.I was there to try out another stall in this food centre.But this stall with it's constant queue caught my eyes.After one bite,I have already visited,this stall trice in a week.

First visit had wanton noodles.

 The serving portion was quite big for $2.50.Asked  him to do his way.Topped with char siew and some veges.The char siew  is not the sweet type.
Meat was very lean no fats at all.But still the taste and the flavour was very good.
 The noodles did not stick together,they parted easily,but still every strand of the noodles was very well blended with the beautifully tasting the sauce.The noodles was slight over cooked(or maybe it was done that  way on purpose)but still was very springy,QQ,had quite a bite too it.Slips through the mouth effortlessly.Was very tasty.

The wantons....What can I say,I am won over.The pork filling with the dried cuttlefish was very flavourful with a punch in it..Quite plumb in size soft,slippery and juicy.One of the best wantons I have had .The soup was reasonably good enough.

 Second visit had the noodles with pork ribs( $3.00),with extra wantons.5 pcs only $1.00.
Three pieces ribs 1 big,2 small pieces.

The ribs were soft,super tender,marinated very well.Very tasty.A lift with the chopstick it just falls apart.Just dissolves in the mouth even before I could chew.The noodles taste was different because of the pork ribs sauce added to it.This was soik on it's own way.

Both the noodles' taste differs apart but both were so good, in it's own way.

3rd visit...Had wanton noodles($2.50) with extra pork ribs $1.00.So if you want the best of both world,this was a more reasonable way to order.
But the taste of the wanton noodles varies,went pork ribs were added to it, some sauce sipping in .So to taste their wanton noodles it's not advice able to add the pork ribs directly to it.

Both their wanton noodles and pork rib noodles have won me over.
Oh! I must add the noodles on 3rd visit was super QQ not slightly over cooked.

 As I am writing I am already planning another visit with my family.
Certainly worth a trip.

Jian Kang Noodles
Commonwealth Crescent Market & Food Centre
31 Commonwealth Crescent
Closed on Wednesday.


  1. Very delicious indeed. Must try. Owner has been selling authentic Cantonese style noodles for the past 40+ years. Secret recipe handed down from his parents, this stall is well-known in the Commonwealth estate!!! 

  2. Thank you,for the information.