5 Nov 2010

Rang Mahal ....Buffet

                  Happy Deepavali !!!!

Royalty Service... really quite embarrassing...

This was a long over due visit.Everytime when I made a plan,to go to this place,something had always came up to disrupt the plan.At last now I am here.

A wait staff lead us in,all the other staffs, greeted with,great smile and attitude,(not the mechanical kind of welcome,more to a sincere one)made us feel more than welcome.The place was darkly lit,but the atmosphere had this very good feel,very cozy thing about it.
I was stopped from taking photos,so some of what I could manage to take.

The starters ,some salad,raita,fruits chats,kachori chat,some nuts,etc...(not so sure of the names).The kachori was nice.Rest were acceptable taste,normal.

Roasted cashews nut and green beans.The mung beans in the small tall glass caught my eye.Just for the presentation
 Spiced Papadam.Was okay if you like this type.I prefer the plain crispy ones.

 Vegetable Soup.That's what the wait staff told us but could not hardly find any veges accept for for some micro mini carrot.Served in small bowl. Nice in it's own way.
They have quite a few variety of Chutneys  and Achars.
Their Cooking Station.All the cooked dishes are done in small batches.thus ensuring some form of high quality.

Naans(had garlic,butter and plain) and roti were all freshly made and brought to the table hot.But surprising all were very average,I was certainly expecting better standrand than this.

Crispy Fried Okra...it was very crispy,nice and the crispiness was there even after left 15 minutes on our table.

Tandoori mushroom...This has to be one of highlight of the spread.It's done perfectly with awesome flavours of the tandoori spices and moist insides,juices of mushroom still intact.Every bite bursted with flavours.Just superb...

Veges were Egg Plant and Aloo Matar(Potatoes).Were decent nothing exciting.

 Jeera Pulao.Slight flavour of jeera was distinct.But,well really there is Lamb Dum Briyani...why bother with this.Unless you having vegetarian.
Lamb Dum Briyani ...The rice was very flavoursome,cooked to perfection.All the spices were absorbed and aroma was just heavenly .The lamb was super soft tender,just spills apart easily,slightly dry but still awesomely tasty enough.

Chicken Tikka...was not in the spread display but was freshly made,making rounds to the tables.I must say this would proably have to be one best chicken tikka,I ever had.The flavour were awesome.Slight crispiness,juicy moist tender inside.One of the best.

Kashmir Fried Fish and some Bengali Fish.The fried fish was crispy,fresh,well marinated.The Bengali Fish was creamy, the sauce was not over powering with  light spices and nice texture.

 Curry Chicken Makani.Was not the usual style,more to a masala ,tomato nicely blended with thick gravy.Interesting.

 Paneer Makhani(.Cottage Cheese) .Let's put this I don't really quite like paneer.But this was so different.The paneer was soft very well done.The sauce was creamy,buttery,very lightly spiced,in fact can't really taste much of the spices But this was really very good.With every bite some kind of flavours were  busting in the mouth.Very tasty...Simply awesome.

 Dal Makhani.This was very good creamy,very well seasoned slight spiciness.Was very tasty.

 Baby Corn Pakoda.This was making rounds to the table.A simple,nice pokoda.

The Dessert line...

Desserts were...Pistachio Coconut Candy, Sticky Sweet Rice Pudding(not sure of the real name) both were quite okay.

Chocolate Mousse was good.Ras Malai,did not quite like this,,Kheer(rice pudding)did not fancy this.,Mango Shrikhand tasted more like mango yogurt,took second helpings.Nice.

Strawberry with Chocolate tips,Strawberry  Ice Cream and some cut fruits.

Coffee,Tea comes with buffet.
 The place had a more than a decent patrons.There were decent number of people coming in all the time.I notice most of the people who  patronize here spent less 20 miuntes,just one or two bites they leave.They were having the buffet lunch too.What a waste of money.
We spent over 2 hours,sure to have my monies worth.

All the cooked dishes were done in small quantity.So the taste are not compromise much from the ala carte menu.Refill was fast.
Service was superb..Embarrassing ayio! Every time I stood up or sat down they tucked our chairs,even when I said it was not necessary but still another staff does it.Plates were cleared very promptly.They even replaced the fork and spoon every time with a clean one.

For the ambience and service nothing beats this place.
Just a glace at the ala carte menu.
Buffet would be consider very cheap.Ala carte prices are very scary. .
Food on the whole,could be consider above average.
Buffet Lunch.$45.00++

Rang Mahal
Level 3 Pan Pacific Singapore
7 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square
Pan Pacific Hotel

Buffet lunch.12.00p.m- 2.30 p.m
Mon-Fri $45.00
Sunday $42.00
Saturday No buffet, only ala carte menu.

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