1 Nov 2010

Whampoa Food Street Keng Fish Head Steamboat

Having passed by this place on quite a number of occasion.Decide it was time to give try.
And I have been twice recently.....

The outside of restaurant looked more decent,then the inside...
 The inside looked like,no not looked like but is more to a coffee shop environment,with plastic chairs and normal round table but had aircon.

The Fish Head Steamboat.$30.00.The soup stock was served in a traditional charcoal furnace steamboat.Topped with cabbage, garland chrysanthemum.

A simple stir,you see chunks of fish head parts(were fresh ), fried yam chunks and seaweed, .On both occasion we ordered the fish head steamboat with Red Grouper(other choices Pomfret and Batang ).
The soup stock was just fabulous on both  the occasion.With a decent taste of wine and some slight medical herbals being obvious.,was very rich in flavour and taste.The soup had the sting to made me wow. But....

2 visits,the serving was inconsistent.The first visit for the price,I would consider,the fish head parts and the other stuff,to be quite little.On the second visit the fish head chunks were smaller and lesser,so were the other stuffs.
A very nice fabulous tasting steam boat soup stock,with very fresh ingredients but for the price and for serving ....  minimum  $30.00.I don't know whether can I  really say it's worth it....

The soup can be refilled,but don't waste your time,the refill stock is not worth it.The taste is just not the same, as what comes with the steamboat.

Seafood Prawn Rolls.$8.00 .Had this on both the occasions and they were inconsistent too.The first visit the filling was bigger very nice,rolled tight,was above average was very well done,everything came together.
Second visit the roll shrunk,the filling was less and roll was a bit loose.Taste was good but something was a miss.
Sambal Kang Kong with cuttlefish.$10.00.This was a big disappointment,the taste was not there  and serving was very little.
 Sweet Potato Leaves.$8.00. Taste wise was quite nice,well balance certainly better than the Kang Kong.
 Sweet Sour Pork.$12.00. The pork was well fried with some crunch.The sauce was good, blended well with the pork.Was quite nice.But for the price serving was way too little.
 Bean Crub with Minced Pork.$10.00.This was very good.the sauce was very well balanced,very tasty.The tau fu was silky smooth,soft just disappeared before I could chew.
 Salted Egg Yolk Prawns.$18.00.There were about 7 prawns.2 medium ,rest were medium small.But this was just too good to be ignore.Done dry,the eggs were coated very well,the crispiness was still there with the sliced curry leaves and the red cut chillies giving it the tantalizing taste.Was it worth the price..not really sure but I might order again if I revisit.

Service was coffee shop standard,have to try hard to get their attention.They charge GST..
This is more to a cze cha stall than a restaurant but the prices are slightly higher for all the dishes,maybe,because of the aircon...
Is it worth it...really not sure..but the steamboat soup it haunts me....

Whampoa Food Street Keng Fish Head Steamboat
116/118 Rangoon Road

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