10 Nov 2010

Yantra ..A Hidden Gem

Deepavali  Special Buffet......
A Hidden Gem in a Shopping Mall

Went there to try out the Sunday Brunch.But the menus were changed .I was told the spread was changed for a Deepavali Special Buffet..

The outside could be very deceiving .Step in...the atmosphere changes.A classy,very nice posh,spacious,cozy ambience with a lot of  natural light coming in .There is this a nice,very good feel to the place.

The buffet spread it's self is like art work and lots of thoughts have and afford has been put to make the display beautiful,and classy....

Soups. Cream of Chicken and Tomato Soup.I liked the tomato better than chicken.nothing great but was okay..

3 different flavours of  lassis'.Sweet lassi,Mango and not sure maybe Rose flavoured.All were overly sweet.Wished they had salted lassi.

The chat station.The chats were done when requested.

  These were crispy chats,very crispy with few types of tangy sauce added to give a kind sweet sour taste  to the crackling  chats.Very nice.

These are the soft chats.Done with potato patties.Grill upon request,topped with a light peas mixture, with 2 types of  tangy sauce,onions and some Indian crackers.
I did not think much of it when it was being done...
But this turned out to be gem...very nice and very tasty.Went for second helpings.

The Starters ...

Pickles and Chutney 

The Tandoori Aloo and Paneer Tikka Hariyali.
The aloo tasted quite different,slight taste of yogurt,covered with sesame seeds,not spicy.Differently nice.The Paneer were big chunks,grilled in a stick with capsicum and tomato ,in a tangy and tasty mint sauce.Interesting.

 Tandoori Prawns.Prawns were big,fresh and surprising quite juicy .The tandoori masala did not over whelm,the taste of the prawns.Spiced just right.This was even better than some of the ala carte prawns I have had from other North Indian restaurants.Just too good,not to have more helpings..Simply delicious.

 Boti Kebab.(Tandoori lamb Cubes).These were big chunks of soft tender meat.I was already impress with this.But wait a minute these guys are crazy,when the refill came.Wow!...

Lamb Chops.The lamb cubes refill was replace there after with lamb chops.Thick fat chops.It would have been a heaven's gift to find any lamb chops in a buffet in a North Indian restaurant.But crazy still,these were lamb cutlets,2 inch thick slabs of lamb cutlets.
They were so very soft,tender.This was a melt in your mouth stuff.The tenderness has already been done by the tandoori marinate.No lamby taste or smell.Simply mouth watering awesome.I had about 8 of these thick lamb cutlets.Wow.I am in heaven.Siok man.

Main Dishes.....
What's this funny looking thing doing here?No prize for guessing...
Chicken Bryani.Yes!this is Chicken Briyani done in the Dum way.Baked with a sealed dough,sealing in all the flavours of chicken and spices, infusing into the rice.I had the  pleasure of breaking the sealed dough.The fragrance was just enchanting....The Chicken were so soft,tender.The infused flavoured rice was cooked to perfection. Just yummycilious.

Rogan Josh.Lamb cooked in a very rich onion sauce with spices.The colour could be deceiving it was quite mild in spice,very rich and creamy in flavour and taste.Very nice.

Handi Murgh Lazeez.Chicken cooked in very rich Cashew Nut Gravy.Tastes like curry but very rich,creamy texture,mild in taste was just great with naans and all the rices.Nutty good .Very tasty.

Chana Palak.Chick Peas cooked with Spinach.Surprising good.

Dal Yantra.Tasted  like  Dal Makini  done to perfection .Very rich,creamy,mop it with the naans and roti.Just heavenly.

Bindi Aloo and Vegetable Makhanwala.Bindi Aloo was egg plants and potatoes,very lightly spiced was quite nice.Vegetable Makhanwala,was too over powering with the thick gravy,did not fancy it.

 Some of the salads...

White rice and Banarasi Pulao..Banarasi Pulao was fragrant,had some mixed veges,and small pieces of paneer.Nice.
 The Dessert Corner..

Some Moong Dal Halwa,Cut Fruits,Indian Sweets.All were so tasty not overly sweet,very nice.

Gulab Jamun.These are always terribly sweet,soaked in a very heavy sugar syrup.But this has to be one of the best gulab jamun ,I have had.
Could easily taste the creaminess of the milk in the gram flour ball ,spongy,soft,melts creamily in the mouth.Sweetly nice.

Wait...the dessert side is not over....

They had a live station for making on the spot  Jalebi.Crazy I thought what waste of a live station....
 They gave me 5 pieces of Jalebi.Why so many I asked,I only  wanted 1 or 2 piece to taste.(Jeebee nowadays are usually very sweet,no balance in the sour flour batter and the sweetness....)
But boy,was I wrong,one bite and I when wow! This was nothing like I have ever had before.The sweetness was just right,just the right amount of sourness.And it was very crispy.Every bite had this crunch of sweetness dripping with sourness.I will just go back to eat this even if it's not in the  live station .Went for second helpings.
 They gave some mini thin Jalebi for me to try.This was even better super crispy.Both Jalebi are a must if I go again.Someone really loves me....Supercilious.Super soik.....
 Soft Drinks were free flow.....

Hot drinks comes with the buffet.Had Coffee and Masala Tea.

Refill was very fast and prompt. Nearly all the dishes on the spread,were better than what some top North Indian Restaurants offer in their  ala carte menu.
Though it is a buffet,almost all the dishes were excellent.Sure going back to try all their buffets and their Sunday Brunch.
I have not been this impressed in North Indian buffet before.Simply fantastic.

The male wait staffs service were very impeccable,very attentive always on the look out for the patrons needs.The ladies seem to be shying away quite often.

Worth than more what I paid for.One for the ambience and food.
A must try North Indian Buffet....

Pls note this was a Deepavali Special Buffet priced at $35.00++

Tanglin Mall
I63 Tanglin Road


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