21 Nov 2010

Yue Lai Xiang Chen Teng

Cheng Teng since 1939... Bedok

As I was having the kang kong cuttlefish,I couldn't resist noticing the constant queue,at the stall next to it.
These people,sure have long history with their cheng teng(the cuttlefish kang kong was started by the same person).This would be most probably,be the only stall I have come across or maybe the only stall  in Singapore that only sells cheng teng and nothing else.
My first taste of cheng teng was about some 35 years ago.The flavour of the dried logan from the boiled logan and ingredients were just incredible.And I became a instant fan of cheng teng.

With so many version,different from one another,popping up everywhere,I could relate to most of the taste,as long it is reasonable enough.

  Of course my expectation was high(this place is selling only cheng teng).And amount of bowls on tables every in food centre surely was speaking volume of their cheng teng.
Served in average size bowl, with lot of crushed ice.Heard they have about 11 types of ingredients in it.After much digging and stirring.I could hardly scoop out the ingredients.
After much difficulty,I manage get a few of the ingredients to a take snap of the stuff inside the bowl.
I did taste some sago only 2 or 3 pcs, 1 dried logan only,few barley,2 small  pcs of sweet potato,a very small pc of  dried persimmon,maybe some other stuffs which I could hardly have bite to it or taste.
Maybe they have 11 type of ingredients.but the serving portion of the stuff were really very little.I could hardly taste any of the stuff in the bowl..
The drink was lightly pandan flavoured,lightly sweet.Refreshing cooling.A reasonable amount of taste.
But the serving portion of the ingredients and the price of $2.00 .Just did not commute for me.

Yue Lai Xiang
Hot and Cold Cheng Tng
Stall 31
Bedok Food Centre
1 Bedok Road 
Open 12pm to 8pm
Closed on Monday.

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