6 Dec 2010

Bei Sheng Seafood

 Taste of Thailand.....

This is a very  popular restaurant in the North.Went there a few times in the evening but the queue was so long,we gave up waiting.Found out it was open for lunch .What esle, went with buddy for lunch.
This restaurant was once located  in Sembawang Shopping Centre.The shopping centre went under renovation,they moved from there.

They have two restaurant one at the industrial area in Yishun,and the one we went.

They have 2 seating area aircon inside and al fresco outside without aircon.A very simple dining concept more to a coffeshop style.
 Thai Pineapple Rice.The price was a shocker small was only $3.00.We had medium $5.00.The serving was quite big .With bits of pineapples,pork sausage,small shrimps,top with pork floss.The wok hei was good,very well fried.
Seafood Tom Yam Soup. Another shocking price of just $6.00.Big bowl of soup with load full of cuttlefish,sliced fish,straw mushrooms and 3 medium prawns.The soup was okay,it just did not have punch.I have had in most of the tom yam soup.Could have been better but for the ridiculous price I should not be complaining.

 Chilly Fish.Well what am I going to said,another ridiculous priced item.The prices looked so cheap,of course, we order the big one $18.00.The fish was big,very well fried,crispy,quite fresh(but not very fresh).The accompanying sauce was okay.For the price more than a reasonable value.

 Hot Plate Tau Fu.I am sorry,another ridiculous priced item.Small $6.00.Had the small plate but serving was good for medium.The sauce was good,with some minced pork.prawns with fried egg stuck at bottom which I like alot.They don't have any homemade tau fu  but still this was soft and nice.

Kangkong with Cuttlefish.$6.00.Too cheap to be true but it's the truth.Serving was more than reasonable.Taste was okay.

 Deep Fried Cuttlefish.$6.00.Was quite crispy,soft,the cuts were long.There was no accompanying sauce,when asked they gave me the thai sweet sauce which was very sweet.But the cuttlefish was good enough to eat own it's own.
 Black Pepper Crab.They only had one size and one price.$25.00.A medium small around 700-800 grams.The sauce was okay,nothing bad but could have been better,crabs was fleshy slightly over cooked.

Takeway Salted fish Fried Rice and Fried Tang Hoon.Both $3.00 each.
The fried rice had very good wok hei,with very tiny bits of salted fish,with some shrimps,was very nice,quite tasty even for a takeaway.

Tang Hoon was quite good with shrimps,bits of pork and mushroom.For $3.00 both the portion was big,and they did not charge extra 0.20 cents for container.
 All the dishes were good,very decent but nothing really stood out to wow us.The prices were cheaper than hawker centre cze cha stalls.
For the price and the portion served, these were real super value.
Service was okay,most of the orders came at a super fast speed
Surely worth another trip ......

Bei Sheng Seafood
701A  Yishun Avenue


  1. With the Thai Pineapple Rice, what is pork floss?

  2. Pork floss are dried pork(the brown like thing on top of the pineapple rice in picture),are made into something like a stringy,cotton like texture.Which comes in soft spongy or crispy texture.