9 Dec 2010

Hougang Jing Jia Mutton Soup

The rain was pouring,I was having Dong Li char kway teow this stall just opposite was just pulling me to it.With the fragrance of the soup just pushing through my nose,with the cold whether to it's advantage,I had no choice.

If not mistaken I have had this mutton soup,couple of years back,and  I was not impress then.But now it seem to be a different story.
After my first taste I have already had it a couple of times.

The soup was light but had a punch in the mild herbal flavour.Not over powering with strong herbal flavour.But still very flavoursome.

Mutton soup.$5.00 The mutton ribs were thick,soft,very tender,very fresh tasting.It was cut  in way that,the meat just came out of the bone effortlessly ,very easy on bites.No lamby taste and was very tasty.Worth the price.

The mixed soup.$6.00.It came with some ribs,mutton tripe and a bone with tendon.
 I am not quite use to having mutton tripe in my, mutton herbal soup before.It was soft ,tender,had nice bite to it.It was exactly quite nice.If you are used to having mutton tripe,it would  be consider very good.

The tendon,was very soft,very tender.just slips of the bone effortlessly.
Well I am not quite used to having mixed soup with the tripe and tendon.The mixed soup does have a slight different taste from the normal soup.
As good as it was, I will just stick to the normal soup with mutton and ribs.
The serving portion for the mixed soup was okay I guess.
The normal mutton soup serving for $5.00 was very good .
For those who like herbal mutton soup ,surely worth a trip.

Hougang Jing Jia Mutton Soup
Old Airport Road Food Centre

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