13 Dec 2010


 Punjabi North Indian Cuisine

Have passed by this place on quite a number of occasions.Always though this was another North Indian restaurant,with high price ala carte menu.
One occasion the door was open saw people queuing at what looked like a display counter.What else went in to see ....

Yes,it was a food display counter,there was no ala carte menu.You have order the food at the counter,self service,take the food to the table yourself.There were no price tags or signs.

It's a very neat,clean place,quite spacious .This was a lunch visit went early,the crowd came a bit later....

 All the dishes were served on a sliver platter.

 Tandoori Chicken.$5.00+.The pre cooked chicken was reheated in microwave oven..I would have prefer,reheated in tandoor oven for more smoky flavour.But still the chicken was very nice well marinated,tasty.

Saag Gosh.$5.00+.I though Saag Gosh was mutton or lamb in spinach .But this was mutton with some tasty curry like gravy.The mutton was soft and tender.The serving portion was quite little and cuts were quite small.

Another type Tandoori Chicken Murg Malai .$5.00+.Was okay nice but still prefer the red colour tandoori chicken.
 Chicken and Mutton Kebab.$5.00+ each.Both were not bad,but something amiss.Really can't taste the chicken or the mutton.But taste wise was quite okay.

They told me this was Chicken Kebab too.$5.00.This was a bit better than the latter.
 Butter Chicken.$6.50+.It was creamy,well balanced spices.One of the most tastiest butter chicken I have ever had.But the chickens pieces were small and the portion was quite little.

 Plain Naan ($1.10),Butter Naan ($1.80),Garlic Naan($1.80),Tandoori Roti($1.50).All the Naans and Roti were very average.Can do la,but nothing special.

Pilau Rice half portion($1.50),Chapatti(0.80 cents each).Pilau was quite nice,okay but for $1.50 half portion was too little.
The chapatti were simply marvelous,they were super soft,quite moist,so for the best chapattis I have had.

Aloo Gobi($2.50) ,Baingan Bartha,mashed egg plant($2.50),Yellow Channa Dhal($2.50),Dhal Makhani($2.50)Palak Paneer($3.00)
.All were excellent,very tasty.All blended very well with the naana  and chapatti,was okay with the rice too.  But each portions were too little.In Palak Paneer there were only about four very small pieces Paneer.

Stuffed Capsicum($2.00).The stuffing was,lightly spiced mashed potatoes,was quite okay.nice.

Stuffed Bitter Gourd(0.80cents).The same stuffing as the capsicum.Buddy and I were trying to chew the thread like stuff ,like some crazy fool.The owner laughed and told us that was a normal thread just to hold the stuffing together, not edible.Some of the other patrons had a glance and were holding back their laughters.

 Desserts...Gulab Jamun($1.20),Pista Bufri($1.50),Kala Jamun($1.50) and Masala Tea($1.80).All the dessert stuff were too sweet.

The masala tea was something very special.Creamy,very well balanced by the masala,very flavoursome.Has to be the best masala tea to date,I have had.

Over all all the dishes were very nice.The serving portions were quite little.But this quality of the dishes and taste can't be likely found at normal coffee shop or food court.
Comparable to some pricey North Indian Restaurant.Some of the dishes did surpass some high end restaurant...
For the price and the quantity.... I am not sure whether it is worth it...
But I am sure,I am going back again.

North Indian Cuisine
34/36 Race Coast Road.

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