2 Dec 2010

Western Barbeque

Western, fusion or Asian......

 Saw a number of people eating some western food which looked quite different.A little search found the stall......

 Ordered pork chops.$5.00.What catches the eyes was the sauce.
The sauce was not like any sauce I have had in a western food.This sauce almost had resembles between a Thai sweet sauce blended with a light touch of mee rebus sauce with alot of garlic floating in it.Taste wise... more to,Thai sweet sauce,  nothing exciting was too sweet tasting.For me it just did not blend well with the chops.

The pork chops looked promising but were just too average ,did not taste fresh either.The accompanying fries and bread were quite lame.
The sauce and the pork chops...just did not work for me.Maybe it just me.......

But judging from the empty plates around the area,quite number of people seem to like this style.

Western Barbeque
Old Airport Food Centre


  1. OMG, i felt the same. The garlic was so overwhelming but the worst thing was the raw fries.

  2. I agree with you too,I tried twice...same la.

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