30 Jul 2010

Sheng Yi Fa ....Lor Mee

A Class of it's Own

Bubby called to tell me.he just ate one classy lor mee,a must try,and I must try this.When buddy says must try, it a must for me.Buddy was not free,and I'm not waiting for buddy....off to Clementi

27 Jul 2010

Amirah's Grill Buffet

A Simple..Middle East...Buffet

Was just walking around,looking for a place for lunch. I came across this place around Arab Street,with signage showing $9.90+ for lunch buffet.Went in to check out....

Simple decor,nice ambience nothing fancy.They have a better space upstairs which was not open during lunch hours.

23 Jul 2010

Dong Li Char Kway Teow

A  Cross between Char Kway Teow & Penang Kway Teow.

Was having mutton soup when a guy passed by us from the stall just opposite with a plate of char kway teow.Somehow it didn't quite look like a normal char kway teow.After  finishing our soup we went and order a plate of Char kway teow.

20 Jul 2010

Raja Inn....Lunch Buffet.

Nothing beats a simple cheap porridge buffet... $6.90++!!!

I saw this place in the TV show Buffetlicious.And how am I not going to go,seeing some of my favourite dishes for a porridge.And with the price tag of $6.90,with over 20 dishes on the spread.Here!....I come..

17 Jul 2010

Blanco Court Fish Soup???

Is this the Real(original) Blanco Court Fish Soup???

 I have eaten the so call Blanco fish soup,at Blanco court food centre decades back.With stalls claiming to be from Blanco court.I noticed this stall while travelling along Beach Road,with a decent queue, which states Blanco Court Fried Fish Soup .

14 Jul 2010

Golden Mile Hokkien Mee

Most probably the Best Dry Hokkien Mee around.....

I have eaten here couple of times and so far I have not been disappointed with this dry version of Hokkien Mee.The serving is quite a small portion.Or may it's me...I just don't get enough.

10 Jul 2010

Riverwalk Tandoor...Buffet

 North Indian Buffet ..With Tandoori Chicken..too cheap to be true
Having a meal at North Indian restaurant,be it al carte or buffet,it can really hurt the wallet.And in the buffet very often I find the main attraction to be chicken,mutton(or lamb) and fish,with a pricey tag too. So just image $12.90++  for lunch,with all you can eat tandoori chicken,mutton,briyani,naans,etc....let's go..

5 Jul 2010

Quality Hotel Asian Rice Buffet

Quality Cafe
One of the cheaper Buffets..Around

 It is one the cheaper lunch buffets around,at price of $12.80++,the spread is more than expected.Can't really take much shots of the spread,the cover is kept close all the time.The menu changes everyday,so don't expect the same dishes on menu.First some of the better stuffs.

1 Jul 2010

BoonTong Kee... East Coast Road

 Cze Cha...Chicken Rice
With 2 buddies along East Coast Road one wanted  have chicken rice.And other wanted to have cze cha dishes.