29 Aug 2010

Come Daily Fried Hokkien Mee

Since 1968....
Very impressive indeed,with  over 40 years of experience and still going strong...

This is one of the first few Hokkien Mees,decades back changed my view of  a Hokkien Mee....

25 Aug 2010

No SignBoard Seafood.... The Central

High Class Prices but....

This was an accidental  visit .We(3 of us)wanted to have some crabs for lunch on Saturday,at another restaurant, along RiverPoint, but the outside seating was just too stuffy and hot for our liking.Knowing there are few makan places  in the Central,we roam the place for awhile,came across No SignBoard restaurant
I have been to their Geylang,No Signboard  few times....
 Hidden at corner end,with only just the sigh showing in front.....Step inside....

It is very spacious,posh with elegant looks . Nothing grand in decor.The place was near empty,there was just another couple there.They were complaining to the captain,and left within 10 minutes.

We ordered some dishes to start out.The first item served was Homemade Beancurd $15.00.

15 Aug 2010

Blk 123... Kway Chap..Simply heavenly

Huat Kee Kway Chap

Would you believe?Kway Chap is exactly my most favourite dish of all time.Everytime when I see, a stand alone kway chap stall I just could not resists.I have almost tried, some of the most popular kway chap, from Old Airport Rd,Serangoons Gardens,Toa Payoh.Tampines,Hougang, etc...

Though I stay in Yishun, incidentally this place was recommended to me,by a delivery man who stays in Hougang,who occasionally comes to my office for delivery.That was some 2 or 3 years back.

12 Aug 2010

The Prata Place....Upper Thomson

Who does not love a prata...maybe very few.

 Located  at a corner end, along the rows of shop houses along Upper Thomson Road,or is it the begining of the row.In a quiet and peaceful,lazy looking corner.A prata shop stands out.We went on a weekend on Sunday morning and it was not so quiet at all.The place was packed with people and steady groups coming,through out my patronizing there.

8 Aug 2010

Crystal Cafe ...Taiwan Porridge Buffet

Oh!No! Not Another Porridge..I can see some already asking.

Somehow it seem I am quite attracted to porridge buffet lately.Even today just before I started to write, I just had porridge for lunch,but it was not buffet but what I paid,I should have gone to one.....

3 Aug 2010

Sakura....Buffet Dhoby Court Green

A High Quantity Spread.....but

My close kaki  was for sometime pestering me, to tried  out Sakura.So we set out a date,went with three others.They were having seafood fair.Here you pay first at the counter.

The payment counter is outside.Made the payment were lead inside to our table.Very simple seating arrangement and path to walk is very close.