29 Nov 2010

Swee Guan Hokkien Mee

The one at Geyland Lor 29

Does this as anything do with the Geylang Lor 29 Hokkien Mee at East Coast Road?
Yes,their are said to be related.

24 Nov 2010

Hong Kee Porridge ..Commonwealth

Sometimes we find a gem of a taste at the unexpected places.

First I went to this food centre to try a noodles,which did not meet my expectation,but discover a gem of a wanton noodles link at this food centre.Now I get to taste one hell of a tasting porridge.

 Looking so plain and watery,served with cut chillies.What was install was big surprise by itself.The pork porridge.

21 Nov 2010

Yue Lai Xiang Chen Teng

Cheng Teng since 1939... Bedok

As I was having the kang kong cuttlefish,I couldn't resist noticing the constant queue,at the stall next to it.
These people,sure have long history with their cheng teng(the cuttlefish kang kong was started by the same person).This would be most probably,be the only stall I have come across or maybe the only stall  in Singapore that only sells cheng teng and nothing else.
My first taste of cheng teng was about some 35 years ago.The flavour of the dried logan from the boiled logan and ingredients were just incredible.And I became a instant fan of cheng teng.

19 Nov 2010

Yue Lai Xiang Cuttlefish Kang Kong.

With over 70 years....this should be it....??

I like  Kang Kong Cuttlefish.Though not many stalls sell this nowadays,I just can't seem to find a stall, to really satisfy me or at least say this was worth my trips for once.. Having heard about this stalls a couple of times,decided to give try.

15 Nov 2010

Afandi Hawa & Family ...Mee Rebus

Fandi Mona.... no now..Afandi Hawa & Family Mee Rebus

I use to travel from my place in Yishun to Haig Road just to have my favourite Mee Rebus fits.The only stall I thought,which was worth my trip to have a bowl of mee rebus.

13 Nov 2010

Jian Kang Noodles

This was accidental discovery.I was there to try out another stall in this food centre.But this stall with it's constant queue caught my eyes.After one bite,I have already visited,this stall trice in a week.

First visit had wanton noodles.

 The serving portion was quite big for $2.50.Asked  him to do his way.Topped with char siew and some veges.The char siew  is not the sweet type.

10 Nov 2010

Yantra ..A Hidden Gem

Deepavali  Special Buffet......
A Hidden Gem in a Shopping Mall

Went there to try out the Sunday Brunch.But the menus were changed .I was told the spread was changed for a Deepavali Special Buffet..

The outside could be very deceiving .Step in...the atmosphere changes.A classy,very nice posh,spacious,cozy ambience with a lot of  natural light coming in .There is this a nice,very good feel to the place.

7 Nov 2010

Aromas Of India ...Buffet

It's Deepavali week.I would like post some Indian food for my next few postings.
Have noticed this place whenever,I went to this area to have chicken rice,just few doors away.So here we are now having the buffet.

5 Nov 2010

Rang Mahal ....Buffet

                  Happy Deepavali !!!!

Royalty Service... really quite embarrassing...

This was a long over due visit.Everytime when I made a plan,to go to this place,something had always came up to disrupt the plan.At last now I am here.

1 Nov 2010

Whampoa Food Street Keng Fish Head Steamboat

Having passed by this place on quite a number of occasion.Decide it was time to give try.
And I have been twice recently.....