4 Dec 2011

Ipoh Hor Fun

We were having our lunch.Buddy asked me "how come you have not blog about this stall" though you eaten so many times.

Though I have eaten here quite a number of times but somehow I missed out on a write up on this stall.

28 Nov 2011


Situated  right in the heart of CBD Raffles Plac, in China Square Food Centre.Sits this place which very sells some cheap very reasonable rotisserie chicken.

20 Nov 2011

Kim Place Seafood

I have always had high regards for Kim's Hokkien Mee.
 But their other stuff did disappoint me.That was some 2 or 3 years back,when they were at the old premise just opposite their now new premise. I have had their normal  Hokkien Mee number of times before.On this day I had their XO Hokkien Mee.

 XO Hokkien Mee.$12.00.I have always thought their XO Hokkien mee was just added with oysters.But that's not the case.It's entirely a different style of Hokkien mee .

12 Nov 2011

Hup Chong Hakka Yong Dou Foo

Not as good as few years back but then.....

I have eaten at this quite a number of times before.Few years back this yong tau fu wowed me.And I was quite a regular here.Till the standard started to dropped.... I slowly stopped patronizing...Now after some years,here I am ... I tried twice....

You can be easily fooled by the low patrons queuing at the stall.For orders had been already placed and the piles of plates can be scary.

7 Nov 2011


Cuppage Terrace....

Well to be honest,I did really did not know how we end at this place.The reviews by some were not so flavourable.But here we sitting for our lunch,enjoying the al fresco area this place.

The inside dinning area is aircon.The wooden tables and chairs had some rustic touch to it.They were still quite comfortable to dine on

1 Nov 2011

Founder Bak Kut Teh

Rangoon Road.....
Just opened less than 2 months at Rangoon Road ...It's name itself is enough to bring the crowds and surely enough the patrons do jam this place.The place is not really that small but lunch time crowds can be crazy.

 The place has inner aircon seatings and outside seats.I was there around lunch time and waited for 20 minutes for a table and another 20 minutes for the orders to arrive.

28 Oct 2011


We were looking for some Italian restaurant.This place just pop up in buddy's head,we made a reservation on a Sunday.
It looked quite nice and cozy ,dining tables had white table clothes on it.We were let inside,buddy being heavy weight found it a bit tight and uncomfortable.

We requested for a table outside,got it immediately.This was much more spacious .There were certainly a steady flow of patrons always coming and leaving

22 Oct 2011

Charly T's

I have passed by this place quite a number of times,did not even know the building's name.But did notice this restaurant .Had very nice simple decor,cozy ambiance .

It's more like a fast food joint.But certainly with much better seating and quite comfortable .

The menu were displayed  at the counter.You have to place your order at the counter and take your seat.The food would be sent over to your table.

17 Oct 2011

Pow Sing

From Chicken Rice stall to a Chicken rice restaurant...  in business for over 30 years...still going very strong.

We already had our lunch at Serangoon Garden food centre.But temptation was great,we told ourselves we are just going to stick to chicken rice .

11 Oct 2011

Meilok Soursop Juice & more

Oh!how I missed my younger days.When I wanted soursop or any other fruits we had so many fruit trees all over my place.Fresh fruits ripped on the tree itself has no comparison to what we get from the stalls.
No more monkey climbing the tree to get  fresh ripe fruits from the trees.
And  tree ripe soursop are virtually a dream here.At times we can get some stalls selling soursop  but not that ripe or that fresh.So I have quite given up on the tree ripe taste of the fruits.

So the second best would be just go for the juice.

6 Oct 2011

Roszys Tiffin House

                                                      This place has Closed
Authentic Indonesian Food
Nasi Ambeng...

After lunch Buddy and me were walking around at Goldhill Square.When we spotted this restaurant with this pictures of rice and the dishes stacked on top of one another.On the spot we decided we will come here. The very next day we were here,came with another pal.

1 Oct 2011

Mdm Ho Traditional Hakka Yong Tau Foo

                                                   This place is closed
This stall was just set up around just over a month.Saw lunch crowds  packing the place.I join the pack ....

27 Sep 2011


How,so much I love pizza but I stop taking pizza some over 25 years ago....from pizza joint.
And only baked my own pizza at home.

Yes!,I love pizza but there is problem for me,if I wanted to have pizza, in a pizza joint.I don't take beef products.

22 Sep 2011

Lin Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles

They have a very popular  fishball noodles stall.And well known by all fishball noodles lovers.I have had try their noodles at their main branch at Toa Payoh before at Chao Zhou Fishball with much cheaper price.
Well  at Ion food court certainly the prices are not going to be the same.

17 Sep 2011


We were at Holland Village around lunch time.When buddy's said "Let try this place",I was quite sceptical about going here.I read some not so flavourable reviews on this place.But you know buddy can be very persistence when decides on something.

13 Sep 2011

Pagi Sore

Had this argue to try Indonesian food.After going through some restaurant decided on Pagi Sore.I have been to this place,maybe some decade ago.....This place has been in operation for over 2 decades,and it is always jammed pack during business hours lunch time.
So we decided on a weekend.There was steady light occupant in but still quite lot of space around.....

 This is a no frills ,no fancy decor.Just a simple,clean eatery

3 Sep 2011

Summer Palace

This was for Buddy's birthday treat.I really wanted  to impress Buddy.After going through a number of reviews,blog and suggestions.This place with some very high reviews popping out here and there.I decided on Summer Palace.

27 Aug 2011

Hong Mao Mian Jia

I last heard their former place at Tembeling Road( link)caught fire or was is it  burnt down,not very sure.They were gone for sometime,now they back.....at new premise....
And the crowds have been drawn back to their to their wanton noodles.The table were always occupied,for all the time I was there, waiting for my noodles.And my waiting time was like,the old place around 45 minutes for my noodles.

23 Aug 2011

The Song Of India

 Set lunch.....or is it a buffet...

The song is about service... about ambiance.... song is about ambiance...ambiance....
Great ambiance,great settings.

16 Aug 2011

Paradise Inn

Just 2 days later ,after City Square  link  we were at Somerset,We there to try something else.When buddy was quite persistence,when he saw the Paradise Inn. So a quick change of plan.

14 Aug 2011

Paradise Inn

    City Square
Was meeting buddy for lunch at City Square.After a quick walkabout we decided on this place Paradise Inn.

 A simple decor with some wooden chairs inside and stood on the outside.

12 Aug 2011

Joo Siah Bak Koot Teh

After some disappointing outing with my number 1 Bak Kut Teh.I Have been hearing about this stall for sometime now.Heard this stall's owner,learned his trade from his famous brother in law who is the owner of the famous,popluar stall at Sing Ming.

I ordered bak kut teh and ter ka and veges.

9 Aug 2011

Rong Chen Bak Kut Teh

When I had this Bak Kut Teh decades back this stall instantly became my favourite Bak Kut Teh stall.To me then it was unbeatable Teochew style clear peppery BKT.I always measured other stalls to this stall's BKT.I occasionally whenever I could find the time,visit this stall for my favourite BKT on and off.But lately.......

7 Aug 2011

Thye Hong Hokkien Mee

This is quite a well known Hokkien Mee,back dated to the famous site at Newton Food Centre.The main branch at Newton is no more in operation. I last tried this hokkien  mee at Wisma,maybe some around 5 years back.It was really quite good then.Recently I had some chance to try out some other branches at few food courts.But all did not taste quite okay for me.Hoping to have some satisfying Thye Hong Hokkien Mee.Here I am trying out at Wisma.
I have always liked the wet version better than the dry version.Here it's really very wet.Unlike many other  Hokkien Mee stalls,Thye Hong use the thick white bee hoon more than the yellow mee,thus, it does not get soggy easily,and do not really need much of a skill with the thick white bee boon covering the soggy yellow mee.

29 Jul 2011

Tandoor North Indian Restaurant

Part 2...Ala Carte.....

After with a much disappointed buffet (click to view) at this place.The pal who told us about the great ala carte dishes insisted it was really fantastic.And even offered pay us the full refund if it did not meet up with the expectation. Call us crazy,here we( me and buddy),are again after a week.Others were not keen on going there again.
One look at the prices,we were about put our tails between our legs and run,it was shocking very high....no outrageously pricey.....

But like the first time here we were already seated.We were just going through the menu with our mouth a jarred...

Some condiment.

 On the house starters,some Papadam and some Indian Rice Crackers.Was pleasantly nice.

We order 4 dishes from the menu....

26 Jul 2011

Bak Kee Teochew Satay Bee Hoon

I saw this stall on television show Timeless Treat.Just the sight of the plate of satay bee hoon on the television,was good enough for me to put this place on my try list.
I was there quite early around 10.00am.They were just about to open the stall,and there was already a small queue building up.About 5 minutes later I received my plate.

23 Jul 2011

Tandoor North Indian Restaurant

Part 1....The Buffet.............

Me ,buddy and 4 other pals were at Centre Point on a Sunday,around lunch time.When one of my pal told us that he had great ala carte meal at this place,and they only serve buffet on Sundays.All agreed and decided to try out.

 The buffet display did not quite excite us,maybe a kind of disappointing.We asked for the ala carte menu but was told they only serve buffet for Sunday lunch.We were already seated,so we decided we will have try at the buffet.

16 Jul 2011


Mangoes..Mangoes everything with mangoes......

Well with a name like mangoesity what less can you expect...than mangoes.

In most pastry dessert stall you will only find 1 or 2 mangoes cakes or pastry dessert.But this dessert bakery stall is solely dedicated  for all,us mangoes lovers.Yes they have about maybe around 14 types mangoes pastries and cakes with French touch.
 This is a takeaway stall,packed in a designer's,stylist box.

9 Jul 2011

Lavender Fatty Fried Kway Teow

                                                    This stall  is closed

Like every good char kway teow lover,I was quite excited about the reopening of this unique char kway teow stall.Where the char kway teow is served with a special sauce pour on top.

5 Jul 2011

Ali Nachia Briyani Dam

From Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

With the closure of the railway station some of the foodies favourite  food stall too disappeared.And one of the well known Briyani stall relocated just before the closure.

30 Jun 2011

Foong Kee Waton Noodles

This was once,one of my favourite wanton noodles stall,that was maybe some 6 years back.

 This was one of the few stalls that made me go "wow!" with just a bite of the noodles.It was really that good.It had all the stuff working perfectly well.Then the noodles were QQ had very distinct taste.Served with a clear sauce,it was just  fantasic,the char siew was awesome and they had one of the best sio bak.But sometime really went a miss,the taste just changed.

25 Jun 2011

Outram Char Kway Teow

This stall does not need any introduction.....Known by all char kway teow enthusiasts,if you have not eaten,surely you would have heard about "Outram Char Kway"......

I have had this CKT on numerous occasion.There are 2 version of the char kway teow.The white and the normal supposedly to be the black version.I really can't see much of a difference at a glace .

19 Jun 2011


What a name for a Burger joint,maybe you are gonna get fat eating this stuff.....

I was there on a Saturday afternoon around 2.00p.m. The place still had a quite crowd .It's a kind of a get together joint with friends and family,child friendly.

12 Jun 2011

Senor Burrito

 The Mexican Sandwiches.....
                                                 This place has closed!!!

Was around City Hall,and was quite surprise to see such big makeover at the basement of Raffles City.All around everywhere it was litter with food stalls and more food stalls.Overwhelmed with so much foods around,I suddenly loss appetite and looked for something light.....

5 Jun 2011

Sarong Grill & Chill

                                                      This place is closed!

Buddy sms me a photo of this,"want to try".....

 When I you see something presented like this, it only natural...have to,have a try......

This is a simple open concept with very nice......

30 May 2011

Going around to this food centre and you love chicken rice.....

Then not miss,is this Chicken Rice stall.
Though I have eaten at this chicken rice a few times it really did not occur to me, just how good the chicken rice was, especially the rice.

24 May 2011


Was at Golden Mile Food Centre for lunch,wanted something light,tummy not so good.Looking around I ended up in front of this stall.

Gado Gado.Order gado gado with satay $4.50.Without satay $3.00.