28 Jan 2011

Boyan Beach Road Power

                                    This stall is closed
Nasi Padang Bawean......

I was here having my favourite briyani, link ,when a very familiar  face came to chat with me.This was the lady I and my kakis were looking for,close to 6 months.She was at,one of my flavourite stall,"Nasi Bawean" at Desker Road.
She and a few of her helpers left the stall,after a rift between them(they all related) .
A very friendly, chatty lady she was telling me,how much she has lost setting up this stall,with very poor business for the  last few months.
But it's quite okay now,business have started to pick up. Of course,things will pick up knowing what to expect from her.

Most of the dishes were quite familiar to a her former stall.Well I am not surprise she was one of the cooks over there.Even the set of the display was like a mirror to her former.

 After finishing my briyani ,I did tried the Nasi Bawean or is it Nasi Boyan.And have made 3 visit after my first try.

Potato cutlet was good.Fried fish,looked simple,did not look  like it had much ingredients for seasoning,was fried dry,that's how they do it,but taste was just superb.(how much I missed this )

Fried chicken(2 tries)another gem,looking so ordinary,with little seasoning but tasted so yummy.Cured Cuttlefish(2 tries). First try,was soft,tender cooked just right with superb sauce.Second was overly soft,near soggy feel with watery sauce.But buddy had no complain on it(his first try).

Black Ink Cuttlefish or was it squid was quite good(I rarely eat take this),buddy loved it,he eats this type quite alot. Dark Sauce mutton soft,tender,easily parts but was abit sweet for my liking.
 The Asam Pedas Fish Head was a class act,the fish very fresh,flaky,cooked just right.And the asam sauce was in a different league,than what you get,in most of the stalls.It was thick,spicy,slight sourness very flavoursome simply yummy!Both us wanted to have another one but was quite full.

All the veges were crunchy,well cooked and tasty.

 And I must,give a special mention to their superb sambal belachan.Super power,spicy hot,tasty.Simply awesome.

Sorry forgot ask for individual pricing.But prices were more than reasonable,infact quite cheaper than expected.

I am so glad ,I found her after a long 6 months.All the dishes I had were above average,some were outstanding Sure to make more trips.Before the queue starts to snake along...

Nasi Padang
Boyan Beach Road Power
Blk 17 Beach Road


  1. This food looks incredible. Thanks for the post.

  2. She had left since December when the kopitiam take over by someone new. I missed her food badly...

  3. The coffee shop was under renovation.When I last visited around early December.Not sure if they left.