13 Jan 2011

Koung's Wan Tan Mee

Formly from Geylang  Lor 13....

Now located in a corner coffeeshop along Sims Ave,at the junction of  Lor 21 Geylang.

This is a very popular stall .As usual  like any popular stall the waiting time can be quite long especially during peak hours.So if  you to like try,try going off peak hours.The opening hours are quite long.

I made 2 visits....

 The serving portion for both the occasion was quite big,more than reasonable for the price .
 The noodles seem to be soggy but yet when I bit into it,it was quite QQ.
First time it did not really wow me.My fault I asked for less chilly.
But on the second occasion, when I had the noodles, I let them do it their way,I found it more to my liking.There was no special sauce,the whole flavouring of the noodles was done by the chilly.The chilly was not spicy more to a mild,more to do with the taste.Need to add extra chilly to bring out,the extra punch of the taste.

The char siew were thick slice,taste was very decent .Infact very good for a wanton noodles.Portion more than decent.

Wantons were soft,plumb but the filling was not there up to my liking but was still very decent.I would  say nice with the noodles and all the other stuff together but did not stand out on it's own.

Over all a very filling,decent wanton noodles.

Price starts from $3.50.With extra ingredients or noodles $4.00.With both extra noodles and ingredients $5.00.Mine was with extra ingredients $4.00

Koung's Wan Tan Mee
205 Sims Avenue off
Lor 21A Geylang
7.30a.m -8.30p.m
Closed on Mondays

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