24 Jan 2011

Old Puggol Satay

Really!what so interesting about eating a piece of meat on a skewer stick......

..asked my friend,when I suggested that these satays' are quite good.Well this guy(Joe)ate only once in his life and had never touch one ever since.

Well the rest of us wanted to try.The pork satay was certainly one the better ones around with a small crispy bite,tender well seasoned meat.Just yummy.

Usually I don't really quite like chicken satay .So far only 2 stalls I don't mind ordering chicken satay and this stall is one of them.Well seasoned using both thigh and breast meat are tasty enough soft with a bite to it.

Mutton satay... Usually I prefer the Malay version for mutton satay but here what was done was very decent.Don't mind ordering again.
The rice cake( ketupat)was decent enough.

The sauce was of right consistence and very well balanced with the pineapple sauce for a added punch if you like it .

All the satays' here were very decent.But the pork satay was special very much better than most stall and on equal or maybe near par with the best stall.

And my friend Joe did try the last satay hesitatingly.and said "this is really very tasty".We did reorder just for him....

Old Punggol Satay
Blk 120 Bukit Merah lane1
#01-52 Alexandra Village FC

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