3 Jan 2011

The Seafood International Restaurant & Market

Ala Carte Buffet...........

This is a very big place with 2 wings,alfresco and main dining area.  From what I saw could easily seat about over 400 people.

Some amateur kakis tagged along to this ala carte  buffet,when the dishes were served,they started to complain how little and how small the portions were.I had to ensure in a ala carte buffet small portion are good and the restaurant really wants us to try as many dishes as we could.And we could reorder most of the dishes.

The following dishes are one order only...

 Braised mini Abalone with Oyster Sauce.Each of us got an individual portion. As the name states a mini Abalone,in a very nice tasty sauce,the Abalone was surprising quite soft,was quite okay la.For the buffet price I would say very nice.
 Braised Sea Cucumber with Black Mushroom.Very soft cucumber and mushroom with slight crunch,vege was a nice touch.Sauce was tasty.

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat.Served in individual portion Very decent with some noticeable fins in it.For the price I am not complaining.

 Sauteed Scallop with Asparagus.Small cuts of Asparagus with fresh tasting sliced Scallops.Nice enough.
 Drunken Prawn with Herbal Soup.Strong herbal soup with very fresh prawn.

Cray Fish with Sichuan Dry Pepper Sauce.The Cray fishes were quite small but fresh tasting.Cooked just right with a nice sauce.
 Deep Fried Rock Garoupa with Soya Sauce.The fish was really too small for 7 people.But the fish was very fresh the sauce was wonderful.

Steamed Sea Bass with Yellow Bean Sauce.Was too small for 7 people.Very tasty,nice,steamed almost to perfect,very fresh fish.
Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Garlic and Seven Spices Salt.Was very crispy and tasty.Very nice.
 Fish Fillet with Orange Sauce.This was a real surprise.The fillet was very fresh tasting and the orange sauce was a class act.Simply wow!

There were another 2 dishes from the 1 serving order which we did not order.

The following orders are free flow.......

Prawn with Green Salad.It was more to a prawn with fruit salad.Served with some small bits of  fruits and dressed with mayo.Was refreshingly nice.
 Black Fungus with Minced Garlic and Vinegar.Was very decent.

Fried Sweet Shell with XO Sauce.Served with alot of onions but was fresh and tasty.

Thai Seafood Salad.With Jelly fish,prawns,cuttlefish with some raw veges,was quite spicy,very nice and tasty.

Sliced Cuttlefish with Creamy Salted Egg Yolk.Not so crispy but still good enough.
 Crispy Roasted Chicken.This was surprising very good,crispy skin,nicely seasoned,slightly dried but really did not matter, it was so tasty.
 Deep Fried Chicken Mid Joint with Prawn Paste.Almost as prefect as it gets.Very well seasoned,very crispy.
 Sauteed Sliced Lamb Leg with Chilli Bean Sauce.Lightly sauced,the lamb was very soft,tender,no lamby smell was quite good.
 Roasted Duck with Sesame & Garlic Sauce.I don't take duck but my kakis all loved it.

 Sauteed Sliced Venison with Black Bean Sauce.Another which I did not take but kakis finished it off before I could blink.
Crispy Fried Egg Plant with Jin Lan Sauce.The egg plant was not crispy tasted more like stir fried,but was not bad at all.
Fried Assorted Mushroom with Baby Gai Lan.Sorry there was only one type of mushroom on it but still nice enough.
 Deep fried Beancurd Topped with Conpoy & Mushroom.The picture showed the spinach  fried tau fu.But it was okay,the tau fu was very soft and sauce was good.

Steamed Crystal Prawn Dumpling and Steam Chicken Siu Mai Dumpling.Both were just way too average.

Steamed BBQ Chicken Bun.The pastry was very fluffy,soft,light.The filling was done very nicely but a bit too sweet for me.

Pan Fried Prawn Meat Beancurb Sheet Roll.Crispy with small chucks of prawns.Good enough.

 Pan Fried Carrot Cake.This was done very well,slight charred,soft with some wax meat.Just melted in a jiff.
 Olive Fried Rice.Simple but had a wonderful wok hei with bits of chicken and olive(I think),nicely flavoured.Was very good,kakis finished it off before I could have a second helping.
Stewed Seafood Vermicelli with Fish Gravy.Had very strong,wonderful,flavoursome soup stock with big bits of prawns,scallop and dried salted fish.Simply Delicious.

There was Dessert corner,self service.With some assorted Nonya kuehs,mini cakes,green bean soup,fruits,fruit cocktail etc.Sorry forgot to take any photos of all the dessert but were quite decent for the price

Service was good.In fact quite amazing with a full capacity of patrons,maybe around over 400 people and nearly all were having the buffet.I can't flaw the service,drinks were refilled and plates cleared promptly.Dishes arrived in a reasonable time.

My only disappointment would be the size of both the fish for 7 people which was only 1 order.They did not have 1 dish which we wanted to order in the buffet menu,Sambal Mussels.
Other than that,overall  nearly all the food,could be consider above average,some exceed beyond our expectation.For the price paid no complains.
A wonderful ala carte buffet.
And my amateur kakis were full of praise and so very full,said they have never eaten so much dishes before in a ala carte buffet.
Certainly would like to make another trip....

The Seafood International Restaurant & Market
 902 East Coast Parkway
Blk A #01-01
Playground @ Big Splash
Buffet lunch.11.30a.m-2.30p.m


  1. Your blog made me hungry! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos. I'm a foodie and those dishes are totally scrumptious looking. Hope you had fun.


  2. Thanks BROWNBUGZ,
    I certainly had more than fun.Yum! Yum!

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  4. mj
    Yes,the oyster omelet was crispy.And thanks for your kind words.