17 Jan 2011

Smashed Chicken Rice

Nasi Ayam Penyet.....Bedok FC...

Yes these chickens are smashed.....

 These chickens are deep fried and smashed with a mallet just before being served.....

Served in a nice wooden,type bowl with lightly flavoured rice,soup...

... with a piece of tempeh(fermented soybean cake) and small piece of tau fu...

..with the all important home made chilly sauce.The chilly was quite spicy and tasty.The tempeh and tau fu were nothing great,just nice to have it, has accompanying condiment.

 The chicken was very crispy,slightly on the dry  inside,but nearly all the the Ayam penyet I have had,had been slightly on the dry side .But this did not compromise much of the taste for me.Having the rice with the spicy chilly and the crispy chicken does give certain oomph.

This is certainly very much different from the Chinese chicken rice.If have eaten Malay chicken rice then this will appeal to you.

I have tried both the smashed and just the normal fried one(without being smashed)in the Ayam Penyet stall.Somehow the smashed one did taste better than the normal fried one.Maybe when being smashed it releases some juice to the dryness,thus giving  a slightly softer,tender taste than the normal one(hee...hee I can be wrong) and it did not compromise on the outer crispiness.

For $4.00 you get quart piece chicken,with tempeh,tau fu,rice and soup.Can be consider quite a value. 

If you are in Bedok FC and like Ayam Penyet this stall is worth try..

Nur Indah Kitchen
Stall 07
Bedok Food Centre
1 Bedok Road

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