8 Jan 2011

To-Ricos Guo Shi

A legend from  Blanco Court...still going strong...no.. getting better

I have eaten this Kway Chap back in Blanco Court days,a few times  before upgrading at Old Airport and at the Temporary site.And all those times I just felt this was good,quite okay.But nothing really wowing here.

It's been quite sometime since last I had this kway chap.Recently while I was looking are something for lunch decide to give a try.They did not sell my flavourite intestine.So I just went along with what they had.
  My first bite I just went wow.This is good... really very good.The improvement was so vast,I just could not believe this was the same stall I have patronize before.Maybe I was just eating at the wrong time.....

I went 4 times to have this kway chap before my write up, just to make sure it is consistent.

 Big and small intestine...what can I say I am won over.Soft,tender,slight chewiness wonderfully tasty.Awesome unbelievably perfectly cooked.

 It was just plain magic,what they have done...

 The skin was soft,slight crunchiness.Plain Heaven.
 Stomach...I not a stomach guy but this was good.

Pig Trotters / Ter Ka....Not the over cooked ,over softly,gooey type.This was soft,tender,had a bite to it ,the  way I like it,in the light heavenly sauce.Just plain heaven.

 The Tau Pok was a surprise soaked just right,had so much bite to it,too good to be ignored.The egg was okay nothing bad.

 Out of the four times I had the kway teow on 2 occasion it was very hot very tasty.On 2 occasion was  lukewarm.
All the innards(offals) I had on all the 4 occasions,were cooked to perfection .The light dark sauce in which all the innards and stuff were stew was just fantastic,incredibly tasty.
  The queue can get crazily long.This queue is just to take your orders.They will serve you at the table after taking your orders.

3 items of  pork belly,big intestine and skin with kway teow for 1 person was around.$6.50.
3 people serving,orders of Ter Ka,skin,stomach,big and small intestine,1 pc tau pok and 1 egg with 3 kway teow was around $23.00.
Prices may seems like on the high side but all the cuts and serving portion were big and very filling.Yummy!!

Operating hours are very short .Most of the stuff gets sold out very fast.

To-Ricos Guo Shi
Stall #01-135/6
Old Airport Road Food Centre
Closed on Monday(But open on Public Holidays)

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