31 Jan 2011

Wah Feng Wanton Mee

 Opening hours... anybody guess.....

You won't notice this stall,number of times I went the stall was closed.But when you see,the unusual long queue snaking along,that is the sign that the stall is open for the day.They don't really have fix day for opening,they open when they feel like it.And when they are open,there is bound to be a very long queue from the time they open to time they close.

I have been eyeing this stall for some time,when I once saw a very long queue.Went 3 or 4 times the stall was closed.Try to find out the opening hours without luck.
On this day I was lucky they were opened for the day.With same long queue to content with,I had no choice.I am not going to miss this chance to have it.
I joined the queue.But suprising the waiting time was not as bad as I thought,the queue moved quite fast.

The starting price was $2.00.Mine was $3.00

The serving portion for $3.00 was okay.The char siew was thin,very average taste.


The noodles were loose,QQ,was quite decent.Chilly was nice not spicy but tasty enough.They did blend quite well together.

Maybe the reason for the super long queues.Their wantons were superb,soft,sliding smoothly in the mouth.

The fillings were fantastic.Somehow it was still very juicy inside,with juices flowing with the bite.Super marinated minced pork with ti po,was very flavourful,super tasty,simply yummy.I went back 2 times again,wanted try the wantons again but the stall was closed.

Wah Feng Wanton Mee
Tiong Bahru Market & Food Centre
30 Seng Poh Road
Open hrs as they wish.

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