26 Feb 2011

Rahmath Cheese Prata

No Best Prata in Singapore.......

I first heard about this prata,when the Singapore Hawker Masters Awards,declare there were no winners for the best prata in Singapore.The other 2 nominees,I have tried before.

 On this Saturday morning, I made my way to this stall to try out about their prata.I was there quite early,there were no queue.For me prata is usually with egg or plain pratas. Order egg and plain prata.

22 Feb 2011

Koh Brothers Pig Organ Soup

I have eaten at this stall numerous times,from the old stall,temporary market to this present place in Tiong Bahru Food Centre.
The first few years,I just considered it to be quite good ,but I somehow was not really very impress by this soup,that was then.

19 Feb 2011

Kwong Satay ..

This is quite a well known brand,which was once voted by taxi's drivers,their top choice for satay.

The kwong satay has a number of franchisees,this is the original outlet.

14 Feb 2011

Awesome Sugar Cane with Lemon

It's so stupid to recommend a sugar cane juice.
Yes,I know but when it tasted this good surely I like others to know about it.

Surely almost all the sugar cane or the sugar cane juice with lemon,would have tasted the same.And I have had on  many occasions had sugar cane juice with lemon at various places.And most of the places,it did taste almost the same,maybe with very slight different.Yes,it's a simple drink,we can get it almost everywhere.

But this  freshly brewed or is it squeezed sugar cane juice with lemon,just made me go wow!... with just a sip.Most of the place I have had,they usually use the yellow coloured lemon.But here they use the green Thai type lemon....
I am not sure if this the reason what made this juice,so very fragrant.It's like nothing I have had before,the fragrant was so awesome,with the sweetish,sour,tantalising taste.I just could not believe the difference.
If you like sugar cane juice with lemon,and if around here give a try to see the different.
Just made sure it's freshly squeezed sugar cane and not some left over juice.
A large cup $1.70 with lemon

 Hot and Cold Drinks
Tiong Bahru Market  food centre
30 Seng Poh Road

11 Feb 2011

Xin Mei Xiang

Lor Mee..........
Going down to old Airport road for breakfast,there is no way you can miss this stall.With one of the longest queue,it might be mistaken for some freebies.

It's advisable to go early or normal time.Sorry it's hard to avoid the queue.
Try avoid going near to finishing time.....
I have to admit this used to be my favourite Lor Mee.And the first stall that made me appreciate the  taste a lor me.Well,I fell in love with this Lor Mee and I have made numerous trips to this stall.

6 Feb 2011

Jiang Ji

This stall is presently closed !

Traditional  Hainaneses Chicken Rice
The Hottest Chicken Rice at The Moment.............

The Hot Talk of the Foodies World ...
Jiang Ji Traditional  Hainaneses Chicken Rice

From what I heard this gentle old man,age about 73,was the one of the main man who was responsible for  the  creation  of the famous "Mandarin Hotel Chatterbox Chicken Rice".He left to opened "Sergeant Chicken Rice",and after setting up at different location.He settled a month  ago setting up at this new premises.Sorry,I am not going deep into his history,but if you want,you can read his brief history from one of my favourite  makanguru link.
Now back to the reason I am here,the chicken and the rice.....