14 Feb 2011

Awesome Sugar Cane with Lemon

It's so stupid to recommend a sugar cane juice.
Yes,I know but when it tasted this good surely I like others to know about it.

Surely almost all the sugar cane or the sugar cane juice with lemon,would have tasted the same.And I have had on  many occasions had sugar cane juice with lemon at various places.And most of the places,it did taste almost the same,maybe with very slight different.Yes,it's a simple drink,we can get it almost everywhere.

But this  freshly brewed or is it squeezed sugar cane juice with lemon,just made me go wow!... with just a sip.Most of the place I have had,they usually use the yellow coloured lemon.But here they use the green Thai type lemon....
I am not sure if this the reason what made this juice,so very fragrant.It's like nothing I have had before,the fragrant was so awesome,with the sweetish,sour,tantalising taste.I just could not believe the difference.
If you like sugar cane juice with lemon,and if around here give a try to see the different.
Just made sure it's freshly squeezed sugar cane and not some left over juice.
A large cup $1.70 with lemon

 Hot and Cold Drinks
Tiong Bahru Market  food centre
30 Seng Poh Road


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