6 Feb 2011

Jiang Ji

This stall is presently closed !

Traditional  Hainaneses Chicken Rice
The Hottest Chicken Rice at The Moment.............

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Jiang Ji Traditional  Hainaneses Chicken Rice

From what I heard this gentle old man,age about 73,was the one of the main man who was responsible for  the  creation  of the famous "Mandarin Hotel Chatterbox Chicken Rice".He left to opened "Sergeant Chicken Rice",and after setting up at different location.He settled a month  ago setting up at this new premises.Sorry,I am not going deep into his history,but if you want,you can read his brief history from one of my favourite  makanguru link.
Now back to the reason I am here,the chicken and the rice.....

I had 2 visit...

Half a  chicken $9.00.Lightly drizzled in sauce with oil the White chicken was quite big, had this very inviting look.Even before I had a bite I would sense the taste in my mouth.
Thick cuts,tender,soft,smooth,every bite was juicy and simply yummy!Cooked to perfection.

The skin was smooth,soft,had this slight crunch to it,which was just plain heaven.

 Even the breast meat was quite moist, juicy,tasty.Not hard nor tough,like most breast meat we get,even in top popular stalls.

Tried the small plate of roast meat $3.00.Unfortunately I forgot to tell no breast meat,I got punished for not telling.I got the breast meat,well it was not as bad as I thought.In fact it was very good,slightly moist but still tasty.Just thinking,how nice the other roasted parts would have tasted.

 Liver and gizzards were soft and nice.

Rice was flavourful enough,but not very flavourful.Some stall owners,even some in some very well known stalls.Purposely flavour their rice lightly so it does not overwhelm,the chicken.But combination together,with a  perfectly timed boiled or steamed chicken,just goes beyond words.
The chilly was lightly spicy but tasty.Ginger was very good.

 A special mention must go to the light clear broth,soup.It had a kind of herbal taste,which made the soup quite different from the normal chicken rice soup,It was tasty ,very nice .

A $2.50 order,was very reasonable with thick juicy chicken.

Overall  this stall has one the best tasting white chicken.As good as any of the top popular chicken rice stall..Certainly there amount best.....
Price  from $2.50...
Certainly worth a trip....

Jiiang Ji
Traditional  Hainaneses Chicken Rice
Hong Xiang Eating House
Blk 745 Havelock Road.
Behind  Beo Crescent  FC & Market.


  1. The stall is gone without a trace. Anyone know what happen to them...

    1. If not mistaken they were last seen as "Sergeant Kiang's Kitchen"Jurong Point Unit #01-17, 1 Jurong West Central 2, on Level 1 Jurong Point.