22 Feb 2011

Koh Brothers Pig Organ Soup

I have eaten at this stall numerous times,from the old stall,temporary market to this present place in Tiong Bahru Food Centre.
The first few years,I just considered it to be quite good ,but I somehow was not really very impress by this soup,that was then.

In most places I have eaten,the pig organ soup does have this slight sourness from the preserved veges.Here I did not taste any sourness in this soup.Though there were preserved mustard vegetables there was no sourness in the soup.Maybe that might be a reason,that took me so long to appreciate,just how good this soup really tasted.(Pls, noteafter writing this I had this soup again this time there was some  sourness in the soup taste.it beats me,but it was still very nice with strong pork broth.)
Slight cloudy,clear soup,strong broth with heavy pork flavoured goodness in taste.Could feel slight thickness in this watery soup,had this very honest,pure taste to it.I could not taste much of any MSG,maybe there was no MSG at all.
 With a whole alot of ingredients of liver,stomach.lean meat, pork.meat ball etc....
One thing,that caught my eye and  I don't find in most places was the big intestine in the soup.Of course,small intestine is quite common in a pig organ soup,but rarely big intestine.
All the stuffs,were precooked before hand which was not the case years back but taste wise,it is still very unique and of course very tasty.
Prices from $3.50.Mine was $4.00

Another dish which took me some time appreciate.A dying dish,virtually can't be found almost anywhere in Singapore was the roll of glutinous rice with stuffed chestnuts,stuffed and steamed in pig's intestine.
My first encounter with this stuff years back,was quite disappointing for I thought this was a sausage,and I could not find any meat in it,and I thought I was cheated.and did order this for sometime.I am cuckoo no doubt about it.
But nowadays I really seem to be enjoying this glutinous rice roll.The rice is very tasty with plentiful of chestnut,just adding more oomph,to it.A simple dish but a must try before it completely vanishes.
Price from $2.00

Over all the soup and the glutinous rice really tops.

Koh Brothers Pig Organ Soup
Tiong Bahru Market  food centre
30 Seng Poh Road


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