19 Feb 2011

Kwong Satay ..

This is quite a well known brand,which was once voted by taxi's drivers,their top choice for satay.

The kwong satay has a number of franchisees,this is the original outlet.

 The satays'(0.50 cent per stick) were meaty,juicy,soft tender,very well marinated,seasoned.I did like the pork satay better than mutton or the chicken.Then pork satay really stood out,with slight sweet,tantalising taste and texture,This satay was really very good.

They have a premium pork belly satay,which were almost more than twice the size of the normal pork satay.

At twice the price.$1.00 per stick,with the same marinate,it would be still consider,a very reasonable,meaty goodness on the stick.Though I did like the pork belly satay,but somehow to me it really did not stand out,(maybe I was expecting some kind explosion in my mouth,it did not happen)
To me the normal pork satay did stand out on it's own.And it was there amount the top few pork satays around.
The accompanying peanut sauce with the  pineapple puree was very good, tasty,a kind of more to the oily side.But still very nice.

Kwong Satay
Sing Lian Eating House
549 Geylang Road(off Lor 29)

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