26 Feb 2011

Rahmath Cheese Prata

No Best Prata in Singapore.......

I first heard about this prata,when the Singapore Hawker Masters Awards,declare there were no winners for the best prata in Singapore.The other 2 nominees,I have tried before.

 On this Saturday morning, I made my way to this stall to try out about their prata.I was there quite early,there were no queue.For me prata is usually with egg or plain pratas. Order egg and plain prata.
 It's self service.The egg prata was grilled fresh,the plain prata was sitting for awhile.The egg prata was fluffy,soft,light.slightly crispy,was nice,good enough,very decent.
 The plain prata was quite cold,tough,kind of hard,nowhere near to be the best.The curry was decent but could have been better.

But not contend with this prata that was sitting out,who knows,how long.I order another prata but the queue was already there and I had no priority and had to wait for about near 25 mintues to have a freshly grilled plain parta. 
 Now this prata was already looking like something special.It was super light,very fluffy,flaky, layers were super thin,super crispy.Every bite I could hear the crackling,crunch of the crispiness of the prata.Wow! what a transformation from the prata I just had 25 minutes ago.
If I had just contend with the first cold plain prata,I would not have known just how good this prata was.It is the the best,I don't know,(I have not eaten all the pratas in Singapore yet)but it was certainly one of the better pratas, I have had.

Over all,no matter where,the freshly grilled pratas always have the edge,over the pratas,that were sitting for sometime. The freshly grilled plain prata here was certainly,worth making my trip.

Rahmath Cheese Prata
Toa Payoh Vista Market
Blk 74 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh

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