11 Feb 2011

Xin Mei Xiang

Lor Mee..........
Going down to old Airport road for breakfast,there is no way you can miss this stall.With one of the longest queue,it might be mistaken for some freebies.

It's advisable to go early or normal time.Sorry it's hard to avoid the queue.
Try avoid going near to finishing time.....
I have to admit this used to be my favourite Lor Mee.And the first stall that made me appreciate the  taste a lor me.Well,I fell in love with this Lor Mee and I have made numerous trips to this stall.

Served with barished pork belly,half a egg(whole egg for $4.00),shredded fried fish(used to be big chucks of shredded fish) Ngoh hiangs are missing nowadays.


Taste wise to me,this stall has one of the best lor mee sauce,smooth,not too thick nor too thin,very flavourful, old fashion taste.
I love to have my dishes with bit more of the ingredients.Lately I seem to notice,a snitch in the serving portion .I had the $3.00 and $4.00,with not being much of a different.The $3.00 seem to be a better value.

Still a crowd puller after all these years,this lor mee must be doing something right(the sauce).
Over all,though disappointed with the missing ingredients and the serving portion.
It is still gives me some kind of a pleasure,when I eat  this lor mee.To me it's still very special.....

Xin Mei Xiang
Stall #01-116
Old Airport Road Food Centre
7.00a.m-13.00p.m(or till sold out.
Closed on Monday

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