28 Mar 2011

91 Char Kway Teow

No pork,no lard, no sausages,less oil......No it's not vegetarian..
Healthier version of a Char Kway Teow....

I have had this char kway teow numerous times.The first few times I had this,I did not know, it was suppose to be a healthier version of the char kway teow.Me and buddy loved it.But when buddy found there were..

Served with lot of veges which were not fried with oil,but blanched lightly in plain hot water,so practically it would taste bland by itself,topped with some crunchy fried ikan bilis(dried anchovies).

 My favourite hums(cockles)were there,every fresh tasting and crunchy.How I love hums in char kway teow.Come to think of it,if not mistaken there were no fish cakes slices .
The char kway teow was fried wet to make up for lack of oil.The sauces blended very well,the wok hei was good.It was very tasty.

With  his frying technic,I was just wondering how good this char kway teow would have tasted with pork lard and sausages added..
But even without the lard,this char kway teow can put alot of char kway teow stalls, which uses pork lard to  shame.

But when buddy found there were no pork lard ,from a very wonderful char kway teow,it dropped to okay and he really does not eats this as much as before.Reason no pork lard,not so good.
Maybe if I had not told about the pork lard,he might be still slurping at it.
I am wondering,just knowing there are no pork lard in the char kway teow,it changes the taste in him and many others.Of course,pork lard will make a difference.
But I still eat love it,not because it's healthy,because I love this version too.
Prices from $3.00.

91 Char Kway Teow Mee
505 Beach Road
Golden Mile Food Centre
Closed on Monday.

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