7 Mar 2011

Chia Bee Lor Mee

After Midnight Lor Mee.....

Having hunger fang for lor mee around the wee hours of the night.....

Not to worry,this stall opens around midnight,into the wee hours of the night,till morning. ...

Been to this stall number of times,during lunch time,only to find it closed .My Kaki forgot tell me it opens for business from midnight to the early morning hours.
After getting more information on the opening hours.On this day I went around 6.00a.m,before going on my way to work.

Not much people around but still quite a decent crowd in the coffeeshop.
Served with a very decent smooth thick starchy dark sauce,with a scoop of garlic and chilly.

Top with ample big,thick very soft,very crispy,crackling bites.With nice fresh fried fish,with soft tender,tasty braised pork belly slices.A bit disappointed, were no Ngoh Hiangs.
But noodles  blended well with the sauce and the other added ingredients.
Overall a reasonably decent lor mee.
For after midnight graving...if around the area...
Prices from$3.00

Chia Bee Lor Mee
Blk 10 North Bridge
Open hrs:12.00a.m-10.00a.m
Closed on Mondays.


  1. Tried. It is indeed good. I love the fried fish. slurrrppp............

  2. Fantastic! I just tried the best lor mee ever!

  3. Love it. I think it's even better than the Tiong Bahru and Bt Purmei's lor mee.