2 Mar 2011

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles

I have followed this Bak Chor Mee from Hill St to Marina Sq to now present Crawford lane....

When they were at Hill Street and Marina Square to me,they were virtually unbeatable.Then the father was doing the cooking.When they came to Marina Square the the father was still doing the cooking with son pitching at times.Even then I always try to avoid,when the son does the cooking.I at times wait longer than necessary,and wait till his father start the cooking.Not to say the son's was bad,but when the father does it, it was virtually magic,it just sparkles with every bites in the mouth.And it just made me go wow with every bite.The difference was so vast not to notice.

 Still served with the same kind of ingredients,pork meat,meatball,liver,minced pork,a piece of dry fish and you get wantons for a higher price.This was the first stall then,where I ate meatball and wantons with tee po dust(dry cuttlefish dust) in it.And just fell in love with it.
Nowadays, I do suspect the quality of the ingredients,maybe a change of the supplier.And nowadays the ingredients are precook and are kept a side and are just added to the cooked noodles.
Even when they started here,they blanched the ingredients only when ordered.Maybe to save time with such a never ending queue.

The couple of times I have eaten here,I have had my share of some soggy noodle and over dose of sauce.And I have some very good prefect al dente and springy noodles with right amount of sauce.Yes,when I get the prefect noodles with the right amount of sauce, it was a joy to eat.

But one thing,that was almost the same was the soup,very flavourful,strong and very tasty.

If you have had eaten the father style couple of times at Hill Street or at least in Marina Square,you will notice the vast difference in the noodles and taste,from what it was.
Other wise this was still a better Bak Chor Mee around.
Prices from $4.00.

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles
Tai Hwa Eating House
Blk 466 Crawford Lane


  1. These recipes are really delicious, I love them, I love most that noodles recipe,I have made it last night and I got such a yummy test.

  2. try before. ..sorry to say that not that nice.