12 Mar 2011

Popiah .....Old Airport Road

It's a simple light snack food.Hardly gets it's true recognition,almost in every food center there would be at least  one stall that sells popiah

The cheap simple popiah really deserves, much more respect than what it is getting now.
Maybe not many stalls does justice to this poor thing.But when you come across one with a least expectation....it just goes wow...

 Tightly rolled in a paper thin,soft rice sheet,the rolls were firm and  thick.I could only see and taste few of the common ingredients,like turnip,beansprouts,peanuts,crispy bits,eggs.I did not taste or see any prawns or sausages.But the taste was surprising very nice.I had only order 1 but when finished it,I ordered another 2  and ate all by myself.(I just had my lunch at Ricos,$9.50 worth of kway chap just for myself.)I was surprised,I ate 3 popiah.It was so good.And I so full.....

 Just to show how well and tight the popiah was rolled,could easily lift the cut piece without any of the inner ingredients dropping off,and holding it for number of seconds to snap the shot.And ate the piece without anything dropping off.
This popiah took me by surprise,I have seen this popiah on my so many visits to this FC. Now that I have tried it,sure to order again on my next visit.

Qin Carrot Cake
Old Airport Road Food Center
51 Old Airport Road
Closed on Monday


  1. luv food blogs, have already seen something new here! Thanks!