21 Mar 2011

Jaan West Coast

Mee Goreng,Nasi Goreng Puteh,Soup Kambing,Soup Tulang,Mutton Chops,Roti John......

Pls note has of today 21/7/2011.With  number of tries.With a constant change in cooks and with a decline standard in the dishes.The review below is not to be considered....

With so many stalls selling the same stuff  here.
Thinking it is hard to choose a stall to have a plate of mee goreng or soup kambing and etc..not to worry, this stall  stands out .I have particularly tried almost all the mee goreng stalls in this food centre.And none  comes close to this stall.

Even with regular transit cooks,this stall does better than most stalls.

If lucky,when this guy in blue,black,white T shirt,does the cooking,he can dish out some real outstanding stuff.

Mee goreng was stir fried to slightly dry.(Indian mee goreng are made that way.)Good wok hei,tasty.
Kway teow goreng and bee hoon goreng slightly moist,nice wok hei,very nice.
All the 3 had just a touch of veges,potato,few pieces of mutton.Serving is ample.All $3.50 each...

 Mee Kuah (soup) was very tasty slightly thick,with mutton pieces,potato pieces,some cabbages.Nice texture and taste.

 Nasi Goreng Puteh Ikan Bilis.This nasi goreng blew me away,it was perfectly executed,wok hei was fabulous,the flavour was wonderful with reasonable amount of ikan bilis not overpowering,just enough with some veges.Just awesome.$3.50

 Nasi Goreng Prawn/Sotong.The goreng rice taste almost like the above.But did not quite blend well.And prawns and sotong were dead dry.Did not quite work for me.$4.00

Bee Hoon Goreng Puteh Ikan Bilis.Was moist,yet slightly dry,stir and mixed wonderfully.With load of ikan bilis,adding  a perfect flavour to the bee hoon.Another near perfect.$3.50

 Soup Kambing.Not over powering.Nice,slightly thick,smooth,flavourful and tasty.Chucks of mutton pieces,soft,tender no gamey taste.Better than some more popular stalls around.Smooth and tasty.
But did not really like been served in Styrofoam bowl and thin plastic spoon.$4.00

Roti John.Was crispy,the egg spread was nice.The accompanying reddish sauce was good.Very decent.

 Mutton chops.Indian style,the mutton looks like the pieces from the soup kambing,fried lightly and served with some tasty reddish sauce.But was still very soft,tender quite tasty and nice.Accompanied with fries,bull's eye egg's,cucumber,tomatoes and some canned peas.The fries still looked pale,needs to be fried longer.Other wise it was interestingly nice.$6.00

Chicken Chops.Usually not served in most Indian mee goreng stalls.With same accompanying condiment.The boneless chicken  pieces were very tender,soft and nice.I think,I liked this more than the mutton chop.$6.00

Soup Tulang,(takeaway)The reddish soup sauce was very rich not overly sweet,just nice.On par,maybe better than some big guns at beach road.$6.00

Overall almost all the dishes,dished out were above average.Some exceeding expectation.
Waiting can be long 30-45 minutes during peak hours(lunch and in the evening)

Jaan West Coast
Tekka Food Centre and Market
Blk 665 Buffalo Road
Open 11.30a.m-11.00p.m
Closed on  Mondays  2 weeks interval,

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