16 Mar 2011

Xing Tian Di

Cute little animals attack...

Cute little attack on my wallet when my niece,saw this.She is not pampered  but the way she looked at this cute little pastry figuring.And way the cute little tiger and mouse looked back at her and me."Why not",even I would wanted to have some.And did have some.....

 These are pineapple tarts shaped to look cute and adorable.And certainly did attract the attention of me and my niece.

The pastry was good,soft,not overly sweet,did crumb on bite,The pineapple filling was nice, right amount of sweetness and sourness.It was just right for me.

There were some muffins on display bought some to tryout,after all the main selling items were suppose to muffins .Above banana muffins was quite warm,and tasty.

Soft chocolate was my favourite here,the muffin was quite warm and chocolate filling was still watery slightly flowing,warm and nice.

The others I had were almond and mixed fruit.The almond was okay,but did not quite fancy the mixed fruits.The muffin were certainly quite nice and tasty.
Price $1.30 each.

 The main attraction here for me would be the cute little animal pineapple tarts.One for the kids.
Mixed pack of 6 pcs  $4.50..

Xing Tian Di
Old Airport Road Food Center
51 Old Airport Road

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