27 Apr 2011


 Central Restaurant or is it........

We were at The Cathy looking to lunch....When Buddy said ate some very good fried large intestine,in this restaurant at Selegie Road.A quick discussion  and we headed  to Parklane Shopping Mall.
 It's a small place more like no, not like,but it was a  cafe...Hong Kong Cafe....Central Hong Kong Cafe.

 Drinks came first....we had Fresh Lime with Plum juice$3.00,Water melon juice $4.00,Hong Kong style Milk Tea $2.50.The lime was was very nice,the other 2 were just normal nothing bad.

 Mixed Grill Set $14.00.Served with pork chops,chicken chops,a single chicken drumlet,2 slice bacon pieces,egg with fries,some little veges and with very small portion,fried rice.The chicken,pork chops and the fries were very nicely done.Though I was expecting a pork chop with bone attached.Okay not bad.

 Fried Spare Ribs Dandan.$8.00.Well they did not write Dandan Noodles in the menu.I thought I was ordering the ribs with some sauce.But it was served has soup noodles.

But this was really very good,the noodles were perfect QQ,texture and had a very nice taste it.The Spare Ribs were without bones,it was very soft,tender had nice bite to it.And the soup's taste was very different and very nice,it blended really very well.I really liked it.

 Rice with Chinese Sausage.$8.00.Served with a nicely fried egg,vege with 3 types of sausages.Main thing is all about the sausages.I am really not quite good, with this type sausages at very strong wine taste to it.But buddy loved it and wanted  to order another round.No we have to try other stuff.

 Thousand Layer Tofu with Floss.$6.80.This was cold dish.The tofu was not soft, as I would like it to be ,but it was quite okay,the taste with the sauce and floss was actually quite nice.If only the tofu was soft.

 Fried Calamari.$6.80.These were big size cuttlefish.Very well seasoned,fried perfectly,crispy,soft,very tender,very slight chewiness,nice bite to it.Loved it.

Deep Fried Crispy Large Intestine.$7.50.My favourite of them all. Nicely seasoned,crispy,soft,very tender inside.One of the best fried large intestine I have had.The accompanying preserved veges was a very nice compliment.I am already missing it.

 Pan fried Turnip Cake with Preserved meat.$6.00.Super crispy on the outside and super soft in the inside just melts in the mouth,very tasty and preserve meat just added to punch.Siok.

Central French Toast.$4.00.We were busy attacking this toast,we all forgot about the accompanying syrup.The toast was good.Fried nicely, slight crispiness spongy and light.The melting butter on top was good enough.Really good enough.

Pomelo  Mango Cream.$4.00 and Mango with Sago Cream with Coco.$4.50.Well I was expecting  something else with names given.One turn out to mango with pruee with very little mango.And another with shaved ice.Nothing exciting here.Will not be ordering if I visit again.

Durian with Sago Cream.$5,00.It was okay but I won't order again.

Overall this Central Hong Kong Cafe did deliver better than expected,than some Hong Kong Cafe I have visited before.I don't mind paying another visit.

35 Selegie Road
Parklane Shopping Mall.

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