18 Apr 2011

Mei Ji Da Pai Dang

Buddy called and said he wanted tried this place.Just a few blocks away from my place.I did not know about this place,till buddy told this stall was in the news for all the wrong reasons sometime back in December concerning their hygienic practices,about preparing of their raw food on the ground.

But the people interviewed said,they will go back because the food was so good...........So did we....

 Seafood Prawn Roll.$8.00.Somehow the rolls did not taste quite right on this day.After one piece each we,did not touch it anymore.I thought this was going to be one of those days...But.....

Sambal  KangKong with Cuttlefish.$8.00.This was very nice but the serving portion was very little,the kangkong terribly too little.But you can't fault the taste.

Fish Head Steamboat.$23.00.Served in a gas steamboat the serving was quite big.

 With big chucks of fish head,fish meat,with yam and lot of veges.the ingredients were plentiful. The soup was quite thick,had a very strong herbal taste,was quite bitter and it got more bitter has the soup was evaporating.This is certain for those who  like it strong with herbal taste.

Crispy Fried Cuttlefish.$10.00.The cuttlefish were very crispy,with diced pineapple,cucumber,the sweet and sour sauce,blended very well it was nice.

Sambal Mussels.$8.00.The mussels portion was very little.The sambal was very lightly braised.But the mussels were super fresh,super tasty,it was so soft,it had this just melts,slips through the throat feel.
This was plain heaven,one of the best perfect timed cooked mussels I have had.Superb.

Crab BeeHoon.$34.00.They did not have any big crabs,this was the biggest they had on this day.
The bee hoon was very well infused with the crab's flavour,it was very flavourful,tasty,very nice.The Sri Lanka crab was fresh, sweet and meat flesh came out easily, tasty.On the whole it was nice.

Seafood Soup.$5.00.Buddy did not quite like the strong bitter,herbal taste in the Fish head steamboat,So order a small bowl of seafood soup,with some sliced fishes,cuttlefish and prawns.It was quite nice but still had a slight bitterness,in taste.

Beehoon Fried Dry/Fried Rice.$3.50 each..(Takeaway).Sorry I just don understand why they use vegetarian char siew and vegetarian prawns for a non vegetarian dish.I am not commenting on these .

 Though with some negative comments,I have to say....
Over all this is one of the better stalls I have eaten in Yishun.And one of best mussels I have had ever.....

Mei Ji Da Pai Dang
Blk 654 Yishun Ave 4
11.30- 10.00p.m

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