10 Apr 2011

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice

The Best Chicken Rice.... 
Voted By the Public on numerous  occasions.........

 To be honest I have eaten this chicken rice on numerous occasions over the years.I have had my fair days of disappointment with this stall.
I always thought it was their bad day,making a trip all the way from Yishun just to have this plate of chicken to be disappointed.But to be fair to them,these people are doing tons of batches of cooking,so if I got a disappointing one, it's just my bad day,for being served a batch which loss it's touch.
And to be fair,the bad day is not really that bad,it's just I have expected the top notch,so if it's a point or two down,it's bit disappointing.

The queue can be crazy,non stop whether weekdays or weekends.
Well it's been sometime I had this chicken rice,so just for this write-up,I made 3 visits in a month so I am going to base my write up on these 3 visits.

Had half a chicken with beansprouts and chicken feet.
 On all the 3 occasions every grain of the rice was very well flavoured,perfectly cooked,it can't get any better than this.Simply superb.The soup on 2 occasion was full of flavour and tasty,on the  first visit it was less flavourful.

The chicken was simply perfect on all these 3 occasions. One of whitest,smoothest,soft chicken ever.The half chicken portion was big.The skin was superb ,had this slight layer of gelatin kind of fats under the skin.soft yet had a crunch to the bite.The chicken was smooth,soft,super tender ,slightly crunchy to  bite ,yet with a softness that seem to melt in the mouth.Awesome brother simply awesome..Half chicken $12.00.

 The beansprouts were crunchy,lightly sauced,very nice.$2.00

Had another beansprouts with cuttlefish.$4.00.Okay not bad but prefer the above,it tasted better and better value.

Chicken feet was good,very crunchy with the same light sauce used for the beansprouts and the chicken,blended very well.Nice.$3.00.

I always thought,the people voted for this chicken may not have tried other popular chicken rice stalls.

But if I have judge from the last 3 visits.For the price and portion.I cannot blame them for voting this.The Best Chicken Rice they have eaten.And I don't see any reason for them  to visit another stall to try,for they have eaten one of  the Best Chicken Rice.

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice
Stall No. 10
Maxwell Food Centre
1 Kadayanallur Street

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