14 May 2011

Al Qasr

Lebanese & Middle Eastern Cuisine

I had for sometime wanted to try out this place. A Middle East Cuisine.
We were searching around,we covered the whole length of the lane.We bypassed the place twice, before we managed to pin the place.If you walk along the inner path of the shophouses,maybe you would end up like us.It is  right in the end or is it the beinging of the lane....

They have 2 dining area, alfresco dining with tables and chairs.But the inner area was more to a Middle East restaurant environment with cushion and high chairs, quite cosy,nice feel.

This was foc,one bite none of us took another bite.Overly sour and overly salty.But the displayed items were nice to look.

 We order 3 dishes and all the 3 dishes came together.

Kalawi Ghanam(Fried liver)$15.00.Well buddy wanted this,he said it was good(but he was eating here for the first time like me).It was spiced and marinated very well,very tasty but slightly over powering of sourness.Just wish they had not squeeze the lemon,since it came with a lemon slice.Nice,very nice indeed.Serving portion was quite little though.

Mixed Seafood .$35.00.Well you will be disappointed if you think you are getting a tray full of different types of seafood .There were only 2 types of seafood.Fish and Prawns,served with a lot onion slices and some kind of vegetable paste named Tajeen sauce and saffron rice and a kind of pita bread on the bottom.

 The prawns (4 nos.)were big size.Well marinated,very fresh tasting,sucklen,crunchy with a lot of bite to it.Very nice.

 Fish(4 pcs) big chucks.Was surprisingly very fresh tasting,soft,tender,flaky,nicely seasoned,very tasty.Buddy snapped all up before I could take my second helping.Greedy buddy that's what we called him.And he certainly lived up to it.Heee..

Reyash Ghanam.Grill Lamb Chops.$26.00.Served with same side dishes as the above.Four chops pieces,was very well seasoned and marinated.Spices were absorbed right deep into the meat.It was not over powering just right.Grilled to my liking.Would love order again. loved it.

Not contented with the 3 lovely dishes we had,we ordered another......

Lebanese  Kofta Kabab.$24.00.Skewered minced lamb.Sorry to say,this was a real disappointment.It was way too salty,to taste anything.Even Buddy was not happy with the salt content in it.But he still managed to gulp up two.The fries were quite nice though.

Overall I really enjoyed the 3 dishes very much,serving for the 2 main were big enough. Cosy.nice environment.Good service.I would love to go again,to try some of the other dishes.
Prices were certainly on the high side.

Al Qasr
46 Lorong Mambong
Holland Village


  1. That restaurant looks gorgeous :) even if the food wasn't that great! haha

  2. Only one main was disappointing the rest were quite good.