30 May 2011

Going around to this food centre and you love chicken rice.....

Then not miss,is this Chicken Rice stall.
Though I have eaten at this chicken rice a few times it really did not occur to me, just how good the chicken rice was, especially the rice.

This stall  probably has one of the best rice in a chicken rice.This rice was very flavourful ,it almost taste like it was fried but very fluffy and very grain bursts with flavour.I can just eat it on it own without the chicken,but I am not doing that.Keekee!

The white chicken was decent as you can get,soft,smooth and tender.As the melts in mouth feels.But I did not get the plumb crunch taste in it.But nevertheless the chicken, was very tasty and nice.

The roasted chicken was good,tasty but was so soaked in the watery sauce,there weren't any crispiness.But still quite good and went well with the rice.

They forgot to add the liver with my order and gave me separately.Was quite okay soft and nice.

Overall  very a decent Chicken Rice with one of the best rice in a chicken rice.
Prices from $2.50

Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice
Golden Mile Food Centre
505 Beach Road.

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