9 May 2011

Ice Rockz

No time to seat and eat your favourite Nasi Lemak or Chicken Rice....
Have a Nasi Lemak or Chicken Rice on the Goooo......
Have a Nasi Lemak or Chicken Rice Burger

This is a small place,selling drinks,like bubble tea.But they have a innovative idea...and they selling our very local and popular,and one of my favourite dish.......

They sell Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice not on a plate but wrapped in paper foil.In a burger form.

 The Nasi Lemak burger had the aroma of the lemak rice ,even before opening the wrapped paper foil.

 They have fish and chicken nasi lemak burger.

The fish nasi lemak was topped with a fish fillet ,sliced cucumber,peanuts and ikan bilis.

 The chicken nasi lemak was topped with fried chicken karrage,with same condiment of cucumber and the peanuts and ikan bilis as the fish nasi lemak

The peanuts and ikan bilis added to the taste of this nasi lemak burger.The chilly was quite okay
The rice patties were not sticky as I thought it would be,it had a nice bite to it and was still holding the burger form.
The aroma,flavour and taste was nasi lemak,no doubt about it.There was not much comprise on taste either.The taste was nice for the this burger.

But price wise..I will leave to you.$4.00 each or have a set $5.00 with a drink.

The Chicken Rice Burger.

The rice patties were full of chicken rice aroma and flavour.The fried chicken used here  is the same as for the nasi lemak,accompanied by two slices of cucumber.
Tasted was chicken rice no doubt about it either.The chilly was slightly sour but did blend well.
If only they could top it steamed or roasted chicken.....
If around there give a try, just for the novelty.But it is really quite good....

Oh! nearly forgot after all this a drink stall and they have some very innovative drinks too.Some with yakult.yogurt and milk blend.I  tried one named Mango Yomi.A blend with yogurt and milk, it just blew me away, it was really very soik with passion fruit flavoured jelly nata de coco.It was just too good.Large $4.00
Awesome drink,maybe real man need yogurt,milk.Ha..ha..ha..!

Ice Rockz
Scape Youth Park
2 Orchard Link

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