24 May 2011


Was at Golden Mile Food Centre for lunch,wanted something light,tummy not so good.Looking around I ended up in front of this stall.

Gado Gado.Order gado gado with satay $4.50.Without satay $3.00.

Served with tau fu,half an egg,long beans,towkay ,tempeh,lotong ,some crackers,and 3 sticks of satay for the $4.50 version.The peanut  gravy was nice,not overly sweet,blended very well with all the stuff.It been sometime I think I had a good decent Gado Gado.I certainly don't mind ordering if I come again.

 Tau Fu Gorgeng.$3.00.The fried tau fu was still quite crispy, and soft inside.The on the spot hand made peanut  sauce,was very tasty and nice,and had a different taste from the gado gado sauce.Was certainly better than expected.

Satay $0.50 cents per stick.I was quite impress with the satay which I got with gado gado.Ordered chicken and mutton.Both were decent but did not excite as the 3 sticks I got with the gado gado.But was still good enough.

Mee Soto.$3.00.The soup was slightly thick,with full flavour of the chicken stock with a touch of spices.The soup was very tasty.Served with yellow mee,a small piece of  potato cutlet(there was no egg)and surprisingly with quite a bit of thick shredded chicken.The chilly was spicy hot.One for the soup stock.Siok!

I know..Tummy not so good...But the yummy seems to asking for more or it will trouble me more...Keekee!

Golden Mile Food Centre
505 Beach Road.

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