20 May 2011

Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff

Super Crispy Curry Puff..........

This are extra crispy version of the popular curry puffs.I have to say,I don't quite like this version of curry puff at most of the places I have had tried,very few that came to my liking and this "Wang Wang" is one of the few I don't mind having.It's very crispy,crackling and crumpling with every bite.

Here I don't feel the overly buttery after taste,maybe one of the reason I like it here.

 Crispy Curry Puff.This was my  favourite,lightly flavoured,good mixed blend of spices,potatoes with chicken cubes.The potatoes were soft,the chicken added the taste and flavour,the fillings were ample enough.Very nice.
Sardine Puff.The filling were filled full.The sardines was lightly cooked with onions and chillies.It worked very well and blended nicely with the puffs.Very siok.

Black Pepper Chicken Puff.There were big chunks of chicken pieces in the puff,of course seasoned with black pepper sauce.The black pepper chicken taste,for me did not go well with the puff.Maybe it's just my taste.

Yam Puff.It was okay,the filling was reasonable,but really did not quite fancy this either.

My favourites here were obvious,I really do like the curry potatoes with chicken and the sardines puff.I usually have only these 2 types here.

Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff
Old Airport Road Food Center
51 Old Airport Road

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