19 Jun 2011


What a name for a Burger joint,maybe you are gonna get fat eating this stuff.....

I was there on a Saturday afternoon around 2.00p.m. The place still had a quite crowd .It's a kind of a get together joint with friends and family,child friendly.

My first order was The Elvis.$11.00.Why Elvis maybe the weird combination.Served with some greens and fries.The fries were very thick and crispy.

This is a bacon stuffed pork patties with grilled banana and peanut butter on a honey oat bun.Frankly I don't really quite like peanut butter.So why did I order this ? It seem like a weird combination .I thought maybe it would change my taste for peanut butter.

The bacon pork patties were really very soft and just melts with the bite into the burger.I could not feel the bite or really taste the patties.The banana and peanut butter stood out in the taste.The banana was very lightly grilled it tasted like a ripe banana.The bun was very light,super soft.

 With Bollywood getting their attention where,even burgers are not spared meet the Bolly Wooly.$11.00

 This a lamb patty,topped with mango chutney and some homemade curry remoulade ???.

The curry was on the bottom side of the bun.

Both the mango chutney and the curry remoulade were very nice,did compliment the lamb patty.But the lamb patty like the above bacon pork patty was very soft .I could not feel or did not have any bite to it.It seem to just melt with the bite.

 Clam Chowder.$5.00.This was a total disappointment.The soup was watery and after much stirring and searching, manage to find only about 2 tiny pieces of clam.

Coke float $5.50 and Coke $3.50.

Overall if you like your meat patties in super soft,melt in your mouth taste....Then this would be really  nice.

I did not see any fatboys around,only one fatman..".me".

465 Joo Chiat Road.
12.00p.m-10.30p.m( Mon-Thurs)
12.00p.m-12.30a.m( Fri -Sun)

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