30 Jun 2011

Foong Kee Waton Noodles

This was once,one of my favourite wanton noodles stall,that was maybe some 6 years back.

 This was one of the few stalls that made me go "wow!" with just a bite of the noodles.It was really that good.It had all the stuff working perfectly well.Then the noodles were QQ had very distinct taste.Served with a clear sauce,it was just  fantasic,the char siew was awesome and they had one of the best sio bak.But sometime really went a miss,the taste just changed.

And now after about 2 years I later tried twice.Though it may have lost some of it's past glory....

The noodles served were QQ nice,sauce was okay,portion was reasonable.

The wantons were okay quite good but afar cry from before.

The char siew can still stand out on it own,It was very tasty with fatty,caramelized burnt parts .The meat was succulent and moist.It was still there among the top.
Had a takeaway of char siew.$5.00.

 Sio Bak was okay quite nice.But this stall had my flavourite sio bak.Then,after eating or sometimes I would just go there,just to buy the sio bak and always around $20.00 worth just wallop all myself ,it was that fantastic then.But now it is good but not good enough.

Overall this is still quite good wanton noodle stall.But if had eaten before when they just set up the stall,you can't help noticing the vast difference in taste.

Foong Kee Coffee Shop
6 Keong Saik Road

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