25 Jun 2011

Outram Char Kway Teow

This stall does not need any introduction.....Known by all char kway teow enthusiasts,if you have not eaten,surely you would have heard about "Outram Char Kway"......

I have had this CKT on numerous occasion.There are 2 version of the char kway teow.The white and the normal supposedly to be the black version.I really can't see much of a difference at a glace .

I still remember the first time I had this.This char kway teow  certainly does not score on looks.

Looking quite messy,looks like it has been over cooked,most of the time,not the usual darkish brown but a kind of a brownish pale colour for both the version.The looks certainly can be very deceiving.It's always a wonder,with a ton of char teow teow to stir and blend in the wok.It still has a full nice wok hei,moist,fully cooked CKT..

The white version.

The normal version.

At times there are particularly no difference in the looks in either version.But there is quite a difference in taste.For me the white version seem to be more balance and more tastier,than the normal black version which tends to slightly a bit sweeter than the white version.
If you have not tried the white version,give try to see the difference. But don't expect to see a white ckt.

Taste wise both the version certainly beats alot of CKT around.And understandably why some consider this to be the best.

Outram Char Kway Teow
Hong Lim Food Centre. 
 Blk 531A Upper Cross Street

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